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EXE3.0 - VSR

High Capacity Video Service Routing Platform with Integrated NAT

The EXE 3.0 is the next generation core of Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions. The EXE 3.0 high capacity switch fabric enables the IP transition with unmatched flexibility and scalability in the industry, providing up to 102Tb/s (in 9RU) of switch capacity to allow media organizations to support up to 16,384 uncompressed 3G (or 4,330 uncompressed 12G-SDI) signals with up to 1024x 10/25/50GbE, 512x 100GbE or 128x 400GbE ports in a single frame.

The EXE 3.0 is a format-agnostic IP switch fabric where IP multicasts are switched using MAGNUM-OS Orchestration. The EXE 3.0 supports IP streams, regardless of the payload: media organizations can switch SMPTE ST 2022-6, SMPTE ST 2022-2, SMPTE RDD 37 (ASPEN), SMPTE ST 302, SMPTE ST 2038, Sony NMI, NewTek NDI, RFC 4175, AES67, PTP, SMPTE ST 2059-2 and all SMPTE ST 2110 related standards.

The EXE 3.0 leverages Software Defined Networking philosophies found in today's IT environment. The EXE 3.0 is an independent data path that is optimized for high capacity and high bandwidth applications (such as live production). The control path is handled by MAGNUM-OS Orchestration and control software. EXE 3.0 adopts a "floating backplane" architecture, having direct connections between XC and LC boards improves signal integrity, reliability, weight and allows for significant reduction in RU.

With a non-blocking architecture, the EXE 3.0 provides guaranteed bandwidth and ultra low latency required in today's broadcast facility. MAGNUM-OS also allows full control of the EXE 3.0 using common control interfaces and panels found in today's broadcast facilities.

The EXE 3.0 redundancy architecture is designed for 24/7/365 operations and offers multiple redundancy strategies that include: redundant crosspoint, redundant line card, path-by-path redundancy, redundant frame controller, power and fans.

The EXE 3.0 flexibility allows it to be used by media organizations in multiple configurations. The EXE 3.0 is configurable in increments of 128 ports up to 1024 ports that can support data rates of 10/25/50G in port configurations up to 400G.

Designed for High Capacity Switching

The EXE 3.0 supports up to 102Tb/s of switching capacity. By implementing an independent data path, the EXE 3.0 supports 10GbE/25GbE/100GbE, which can be upgraded via license to support 50GbE and 400GbE interfaces.

Integrated Network Address Translation Engine

All 1024 ports on the EXE 3.0 can support hundreds of NATs per port on both Ingress and Egress flows. Each NATed flow also supports multiple replications within the NAT engine.

Physical Separation between Media and Management / Control Traffic

The EXE 3.0 has dedicated hardware engines to handle high bandwidth media flows and management traffic. High bandwidth, low latency media flows are handled by the EXE3-XC-25T while management / control traffic is handled via SONIC protocol stack on the EXE-L2XC.

Extensive Redundant Crosspoint Protection

The EXE 3.0 utilizes Evertz industry-leading SDI routing architecture for redundancy. The EXE 3.0 supports manual or automatic re-routing of individual signals with quality verification prior to switching to the redundant path.

I/O Flexibility

The inspired modular approach of EXE 3.0's design provides excellent in-service expansion capabilities. Using line cards that have blocks of 128x 10/25/50GbE ports, the EXE 3.0 can seamlessly scale from a 128x 10/25/50GbE port to a 1024x 10/25/50GbE port switch. The EXE 3.0 support varying types of QSFP port interfaces. For aggregation links between EXEs, the EXE 3.0 supports 400GbE interfaces.


The versatility of the EXE 3.0 to support uncompressed (12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI) and compressed video signals (using JPEG XS, JPEG2000, H.264, MPEG-2 and HEVC) provides unmatched scalability.

Top of the Rack Integration

By using Evertz' portfolio of IP Media Gateway modules or Evertz NATX 16/32/64 standalone switch fabrics for "top of the rack," the EXE 3.0 can be easily integrated into any facility. The use of the IP Media Gateways and the EXE 3.0 allows for facilities to transition from SDI-based facilities to ones that are IP-based. The IP Media Gateways provide a bridge for legacy broadcast equipment to the IP core.

Simple Maintenance

The advanced design of the EXE 3.0 ensures that all active components - including line cards, crosspoint modules, frame controllers, cooling fans and power supplies - are accessible from either front or rear of the frame and can be hot-swapped at any time for maintenance.

Comprehensive Control

The EXE 3.0 provides comprehensive connectivity to suit the most demanding installations. The internal frame controllers provide complete connectivity to any number of remote control panels and third-party control devices such as automation systems via Ethernet ports. Using MAGNUM-OS, as the SDVN orchestration and control system, the EXE 3.0 makes system installations with advanced tie-lines, automated pathfinding and advanced control surfaces easy to implement and manage.

Independent Monitoring

EXE 3.0 provides extensive signal monitoring of the line cards, power supply voltages, interior temperatures and fan speeds. All monitored data and advanced analytics is available through MAGNUM-OS.

Outstanding Redundant Protection

The EXE 3.0 uses the successful EQX (Evertz' 3G/HD/SDI Enterprise Router) as the ultimate design in terms of system availability. The EXE 3.0 architecture contains redundant protection for all of the critical system elements. The architecture provides redundant cross-point configurations, redundant frame controllers, internal redundant load-sharing power supplies, redundant cooling fans and a dedicated system monitoring bus that is independent of the internal control network. In the event of a failure, manual or automatic re-routing of signals on an output-by-output path-by-path basis is fully supported by the system software. Using the EXE 3.0 monitoring capabilities, output quality can be verified prior to switching to redundant signal paths.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for high capacity switching
  • Integrated Network Address Translation engine
  • Physical separation between media and management/control traffic
  • Extensive redundant crosspoint protection
  • I/O flexibility
  • Scalabililty
  • Top of the rack integration
  • Simple maintenance
  • Comprehensive control
  • Independent monitoring
  • Outstanding redundant protection
  • Boundary clock capable


Configuration Up to 1024x 10/25/50GbE ports in 9RU (integrated PSU)
Line Card Modules 128 ports per line card; up to 8x EXE-LC128-400G cards per frame
Crosspoint Modules Up to 4x EXE3-XC-25T per frame


Number 16x QSFP-DD cages per line card
Connector MTP/MPO, four duplex (TX/RX pairs) up to 100Gbps per pair
Rates 4x 100GbE
Wavelength 1310nm
Output Power maximum +4dBm, minimum -2.4dBm
Distance Up to 2km
Connector MTP/MPO, eight duplex (TX/RX pairs) up to 25Gbps per pair
Rates 8x 25GbE
Wavelength 1310nm
Output Power maximum +2dBm, minimum -4dBm
Distance Up to 10km
Connector MTP/MPO, eight duplex (TX/RX pairs) up to 25Gbps per pair
Rates 8x 25GbE
Wavelength 850nm
Output Power maximum +2.4dBm, minimum -8.4dBm
Distance Up to 100m OM4, up to 70m OM3
Connector MTP/MPO, four duplex (TX/RX pairs) up to 25Gbps per pair
Rates 4x 25GbE
Wavelength 1310nm
Output Power maximum +2dBm, minimum -5dBm
Distance Up to 10km
Connector MTP/MPO, four duplex (TX/RX pairs) up to 25Gbps per pair
Rates 4x 25GbE
Wavelength 850nm
Output Power maximum +3dBm, minimum -2dBm
Distance Up to 100m with OM4

Reference Timing

Switching Reference Analog 525/625/tri-level
HD looping connections
Connector 2x BNC IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Signal Level 1V p-p ±3dB
Impedance 75Ω terminating active loop out optional


Ethernet 2x 1GbE
Type RJ-45 SFP


Ethernet 2x 1GbE
Type RJ-45 SFP


Dimensions 19" W x 15.75" H x 32" D
(483 x 400 x 813mm)
Weight 255lbs (116kg) fully loaded
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Cooling Fan cooled, front to back


Configuration Up to 5 load-sharing power supplies, internal to frame (EXE3-PSU) can be used for redundancy
Connection 5 AC inputs via terminal block
Input Voltage Auto-ranging 200-240V nominal, 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Current 23A (@ 200V AC) per EXE3-PSU module at 4000 watts load
Output Voltage 54V DC output power
Output Current 73A
Maximum Power 4000 watts
Typical Input Power Fully loaded frame (1024 ports of 50GbE full bandwidth) 8kW

Ordering Information

Notes Contact the factory for EXE3.0-VSR system packages.

Ordering Options

EXE3-FCNCS EXE 3.0 Frame Controller/Network Control System
EXE3-LC128-400G EXE 3.0 Linecard with 128 -50G capable ports (licensed)
EXE3-LC-FK-P400G-128 EXE 3.0 LC 400G license option. This license will enable ports to operate at 50G to provide 400G Ethernet support.
EXE3-PSU EXE 3.0 208V 4000 watts PSU Module
EXE3-XC-25T EXE 3.0 25T X-Connect Board
EXE3-L2XC EXE 3.0 L2/L3 X-Connect Board

QSFP Interface Options

QSFP400G-SM-DR4-PLUS-2K-I 400GE QSFP-DD DR4+ Single Mode Module supporting a single 400G interface or 4x 100G optical interfaces up to 2km. Optical interface is via MPO12.
QSFP200G-SM-LR8-10K-G Double density, 1310nm QSFP optical module that supports 8x25G/10G ports. Can be used in applications up to 10km
QSFP200G-MM-SR8-100M-G Double density, 850nm QSFP optical module that supports 8x25G/10G ports. Can be used in applications up to 100m
QSFP25G-SM-PSM4-LR-G-NFEC 100G QSFP, 4 channel 1310nm, MPO/APC connector, 10km
QSFP25G-MM-M 100G QSFP, 4 channel 850nm Multimode


EXE9-FR 9RU EXE 3.0 Frame