The 7700ADA-AUD-MM Balanced Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with Mono Mix is a general-purpose amplifier for distributing analog audio signals and providing a mono mix output of the stereo inputs. It can be operated with either differential or single ended inputs and offers a wide range of gain adjustment to handle a wide variety of input signals.

The 7700ADA-AUD-MM occupies one card slot and can be housed in the 1RU 7801FR frame which holds up to four single or two dual slot modules, the 3RU 7800FR frame which has a 15 slot capacity, or the portable 3RU 350FR frame which has a 7 slot capacity.


  • Differential and single ended inputs (automatic single ended to differential conversion)
  • High impedance inputs
  • Low impedance outputs
  • Wide gain adjustment range
  • High common mode range and common mode rejection ratio
  • Very high SNR and very low THD+N
  • Mono Mix of the stereo input
  • Module Status/Local Fault

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Analog Audio Inputs
StandardAny analog audio signal
Number of Inputs2 (Balanced or Single ended)
Connector3-pin removable terminal strips
Maximum Input Level
0dB Input Gain+33dBu
+6dB Input Gain+28dBu
Noise Floor-87dBu (0dB input gain), -91dBu (+6dB input gain jumper setup)
Common Mode Rejection> 90dB @ 60Hz, 60dB @ 20kHz (tested with +28dBu CM input)
Common Mode Range
0dB Input Gain> ±22V
+6dB Input Gain> ±7V
Input Impedance0dB Input Gain 33kΩ
+6dB Input Gain 15kΩ
Analog Audio Outputs
Number of Outputs
Distribution AmplifiEd Outputs3 outputs each of left and right channels
Mono Mix Outputs2 outputs total
Connectors3-pin removable terminal strips
Maximum Output Level+28dBu across hi-impedance load
+24dBm into 600Ω load
Output Impedance66Ω
Frequency Response±0.02dB 20Hz to 20kHz
Stereo Phase Mismatch< 1°@ 20kHz
0dB Input Gain115dB
+6dB Input Gain119dB
THD+ Noise0.001% 20Hz to 20kHz @ 28dBu, unweighted RMS
Intermodulation Distortion0.001% - SMPTE @ 18dBu
Stereo Crosstalk> 115dB @ 1kHz, > 93dB @ 20kHz
Available Gains
Input Step Gain0dB or +6dB (configurable with jumpers)
Fine Gain Control-5 to +5dB (card edge pot adjustable)
Output Step Gain0, 3.5 or 9.5dB (configurable with jumpers)
Voltage+12V DC
Power12 watts
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC regulations for class A devices
Complies with EU EMC directive
Number of Slots1

Ordering Information

7700ADA-AUD-MMDual Channel Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with Mono Mix
Ordering Options
NotesRear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
Rear Plate Suffix
+3RU3RU rear plate for use with 350FR, 7700FR-C, 7800FR or 7801FR Multiframes
350FRPortable Multiframe which holds 7 single slot modules
7700FR-C3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7800FR3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7801FR1RU Multiframe which holds 4 single slot modules