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The new 3080IPSR is a hybrid layer 2 / layer 3 Ethernet switch device built using the fundamental principles of pure SDN. It can be used for building IP device management LANs or is also intended to be deployed alongside other packet based Evertz products, in context of multimedia delivery applications.

The 3080IPSR is an enterprise class device that can be integrated in different size topologies due to its flexible configuration from 16 to 64 ports running at 1GE/10GE speeds.

The 3080IPSR product is a switch capable of forwarding MAC and IP frames at line rate for all packet sizes from 64 byte to Jumbo 16k (for MAC) and 9k (for IP) respectively.

In Hybrid setup an Ethernet port can be part of either IP routing domain or Ethernet switching domain.

3080IPSR introduces a new software licensing model that allows the operator to Pay-as-you-grow. This enables them to activate new features incrementally. Layer 2 and 3 features on the 3080IPSR will be come available when activated by a license key.

Ethernet ports are associated with the routing domain. The routing domain represents all of the IP level rules that describe packet forwarding based on destination IP address. The Routing / Forwarding rules can be installed manually in a static configuration or by running a routing protocol such as OSPF. Any local interface also defines L3 routing rules by default.

In bridging mode MAC frames are forwarded in a topology defined by a Bridge or VLAN. VLANs ensure the traffic separation between different sub networks and restrict the broadcast flooding domain to a limited set of interested devices.

Usability Features and Benefits

  • NMS

  • Tightly integrated with VistaLINK PRO for graphical configuration and monitoring
  • Single NMS for both management network and broadcast data path elements
  • Pass fault information to Magnum/VUE control surfaces for operator presentation
  • Operations Admin Maintenance

  • Full Integration with Evertz VistaLINK PRO NMS (Graphical GUI)
  • SNMP v1/2/3 support (Evertz enterprise and Standard RFC MIBs supported)
  • Industry Standard CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • HTTP web browser based configuration
  • Broadcast Application and Product Synergies

  • Create advanced Management Networks for Evertz elements
  • Add additional monitoring power to existing management networks
  • Integrate with SDVN (Magnum) architectures for interfacing to standard IP networks
  • Intuitive graphical switch setup including L2 VLAN configuration

Protocol Features

  • Layer 2 Features

  • L2 Bridging - based on 802.1D Standard
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) -802.1d
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) -802.1w
  • Multiple Spanning Tree protocol (MSTP) -802.1s
  • Virtual LANs (VLAN) tagging and VLAN trunking 802.1Q
  • Port-mirroring (SPAN)
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) -802.3ad
  • Jumbo frames -9216 bytes
  • 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery protocol LLDP
  • IGMP v1,2,3snooping
  • MAC filtering/security
  • QoS -802.1Q/p Class of Service (CoS) support
  • 802.3x Flow Control
  • Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM)

  • SNMP (Evertz VLPro)
  • 10/100 Management port
  • RS-232 Console
  • Telnet and SSH
  • Syslog
  • Industry standard CLI
  • Standard Evertz Web interface for upgrade
  • Layer 3 Features

  • Routed ports
  • Switch Virtual Interface (SVI)
  • Layer 3 forwarding:
  • Between routed ports
  • Between VLANs
  • Static routes.
  • Default IP routes / Default gateway
  • Dynamic routing protocols
  • OSPF
  • ISIS
  • BGP
  • QoS - Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) support
  • QoS Toolsets:
    • Classification and Marking tools
    • Policing and Markdown tools
    • Scheduling tools
  • Dual-stack (IPV4 and IPV6 coexistence)
  • IPv6 dynamic routing protocols

Example Application Architecture

Application 1

Application 2

User Interfaces




Latency 2.5µs
Control Systems VistaLINK PRO NMS


Number of Slots 2 slots for 16, 32 port
4 slots for 64 port

Ordering Information

Modular Switch/Router with licensable Layer 2, 3 protocol support
3080IPSR‑16‑10G 16x 10GE ports, 160 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑32‑10G 32x 10GE ports, 320 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑64‑10G 64x 10GE ports, 640 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑16GE 16x 1GE ports, 16 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑32GE 32x 1GE ports, 32 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑64GE 64x 1GE ports, 64 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑12GE‑4x10G 12x 1GE ports, 4x 10GE ports, 52 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑30GE‑2x10G 30x 1GE ports, 2x 10GE ports, 50 total licensed bandwidth
3080IPSR‑60GE‑4x10G 60x 1GE ports, 4x 10GE ports, 100 total licensed bandwidth

Feature Keys

3080IPSR-FK-10GE-4 Upgrade Feature License to convert/enable 4x 1GE ports to 4x 10GE

Ordering Options

Notes Rear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
Call factory for compatible SFP modules
Rear Plate Suffix
+6RU 6RU rear plate for use in 6RU slots


EMX1-FR 1RU EMX Router frame which holds 2 single slot modules
EMX3-FR 3RU EMX Router frame which holds 5 single slot modules
3080IPSR-FR Standalone enclosure for 3080IPSR modules