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The 3080IPG-HD platform is a complete hardware based solution to encapsulate HD/SD/3G SDI over IP. The same module also converts from IP to 3G/HD/SD SDI. The 3080IPG-HD platform is designed to bridge traditional coaxial networks into emerging 10G Ethernet networks.

Coupled with the 3080IPX 640GB/s Multicast tunnels switching fabric, in LAN applications the 3080IPG-HD allows users to build large scale distributed routing solution over 10GE with the benefits of direct conversion to optics and reduction in cable count by a factor of 6x.

In WAN applications an unprecedented level of control flexibility is offered by the combination of the 3080IPG-HD and the 3080IPX.

The 3080IPG-HD fits in the Evertz® 3000FR, EMX3-FR and EMX1-FR chassis and is SNMP controlled via VistaLINK® PRO.

The 3080IPG-HD platform provides 3G/HD/SD inputs and outputs over DIN connectors and network interfaces via SFP+cages each capable of l0GE.

The 3080IPG-HD platform is available in 2 density variations all offering high density conversions: 3080IPG-HD6-IP10GE, 3080IPG-HD12-IP10GE.

  • 2x3G-SDI or 6xHD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs (-HD6 density)
  • 4 x 3G-SDI or 12 x HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs (-HD12 density)
  • 10GE Tx Redundancy: Outgoing MPEG-2 TS over IP fail-over
  • 10GE Rx Redundancy: incoming MPEG-2 TS over IP fail-over
  • Flexible SFP+ Ethernet: 2x10GbE I/O (-HD6 density), 2x10GbE I/O (-HD12 density)
  • Intra/Inter facility connect (High efficiency Media delivery)
  • Remote site connect
  • Production and Post-production workflow flexibility and agility
  • OB trucks connectivity enhancement (coax elimination and high density transport over 10GE)

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Inputs & Outputs
HD/SD-SDI Inputs
  • 2x3G-SDI or 6xHD/SD-SDI (-HD6 density)
  • 4 x 3G-SDI or 12 x HD/SD-SDI (-HD12 density)
HD/SD-SDI outputs
  • 2x3G-SDI or 6xHD/SD-SDI (-HD6 density)
  • 4 x 3G-SDI or 12 x HD/SD-SDI (-HD12 density)
SFP Modules
  • 2x10GbE (main + backup)
    Optical 1310nm (-HD6)
  • 4x10GbE (2 main +2 backup)
    Optical 1310nm (-HD12)
Encapsulation Parameters
  • IP address (IP, Subnet mask, Gateway) for the source
  • IP address for the destination (Unicast and Multicast)
  • Selection of the source data port and destination port
  • Tx and Rx Manual/Auto fail-over to redundant multicast address and port
  • Join Multicast by providing correct messaging using IGMPv2/v3
Number of Slots2

Ordering Information

NotesContact factory for other optical interfaces
3080IPG-HD6-IP10GEIP En/Decapsulator with HD/SD with SFP 10GE
3080IPG-HD12-IP10GEIP En/Decapsulator with 12 HD/SD with SFP 10GE
Rear Plate Suffix
+6RU6RU rear plate for use in 6RU slots
3700FR3700 Series 6RU ATP frame, includes one 3000PS power supply
EMX1-FR1RU EMX Router frame which holds 2 single slot modules
EMX3-FR3RU EMX Router frame which holds 5 single slot modules
EMX6-FR6RU EMX Router frame which holds 15 single slot modules