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The ev6-FR is a 6RU modular platform that draws upon the lessons learned from the deployment of tens of thousands of Evertz' award-winning 7000 series multiframes. The ev6-FR's architecture enables modules with advanced functionality due to their significantly larger size compared to any other multiframe platform. All modules in the ev 6RU series and legacy 3000 series of Evertz products occupy the full vertical height of the 6RU frame, and can be mixed and matched within each frame to build complex signal processing chains.

Additionally all frames offer hot-swappable dual redundant power supplies that allow for power supply and fan replacement without compromising the integrity of critical signal paths and true remote monitoring of all modules and signals within the chassis from VistaLINK® via the frame controller. This configuration provides the SNMP network communication interface from the VistaLINK® Network Management Software to the chassis over the local or wide area network.

SizeStandard Rack Mountable 19" Wide
CapacityUp to 15 single slot modules in any combination
VistaLINK® via ev6-FC
Optional Controller redundancy
Air Flow CoolingFront to Rear Exhaust
Front and Rear Mounted Fans
PowerUp to 1200 watts
80 watts of power per slot

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Switching Reference
Reference Inputs2x BNC, analog 525/625/tri-level HD
Reference Timing2 independent timing planes, programmable per output
Signal Level1V p-p ±3dB
Impedance75Ω terminating
ConnectorsBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A, Ethernet 1GbE/10GbE
AC Mains InputAuto-ranging, 180 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Max Operating Current6.2A (@ 230V AC nominal)
Max Power Consumption1400 watts
Max Module Load1200 watts (80 watts per slot)
Power Supply Configuration1 supply standard, optional redundant supply requires separate inlet
ConnectorIEC 60320-1 per power supply
Height10.5" (266 mm)
Width19.0" (483 mm)
Depth15.75" (400 mm)
Module Capacity15 single slot ev 6RU and 3000 series modules
WeightApprox. 34.8lbs (15.8kg) with two power supplies, no slots occupied
Approx. 64.0lbs (29kg) with twopower supplies, all slots occupied

Ordering Information

ev6-FCev6-FR Frame Controller
ev6-FRev 6RU Modular Platform for Routing, Processing and Compute
ev6-PSev6-FR 1200 watts (high line) Power Supply