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Evertz' StreamPro is a highly optimized playout and automation solution for simple playout and Over The Top (OTT) applications, leveraging preconfigured workflows and task options.

The new StreamPro user interface (UI) is feature rich, using the latest HTML5 web-based standards to provide the speed and performance of a native desktop application to remote clients anywhere.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for small scale linear broadcast and OTT channels
  • Virtualized platform with preconfigured workflow and tasks in a web UI
  • Rich suite of linear playout features with live event support
  • Full turnkey clustered architecture
  • Award-winning Overture™ UHD / HD / SD / 3G technology

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StreamPro uses our Emmy Award-winning Overture™ Playout technology for frame accurate linear playout streams. The advanced feature set provides a flexible solution for linear playout operations with a choice of redundancy models available. Along with Overture™, the StreamPro automation can support up to eight separate channels.

Re-airing live content has never been easier with our highly requested Play While Record (PWR) option. This fully automated process records live events across multiple segments, saving editable marker points for replay with revised break content in the StreamPro application.


StreamPro's simplified ingest workflow delivers air-ready content and metadata to third-party storage and Evertz Overture™ playout devices automatically. The optional QC package introduces low resolution browse generation, utilizing Evertz Render-X for view and markup. An ideal solution for remote and work-from-home operations.

Manual and Scheduled Lines Recording is also available to record SDI and IP sources to file, utilising Evertz Overture™ MediaClient, with support for up to eight simultaneous Record with Ingest confidence and eight high resolution QC ports.


Scheduling in StreamPro includes our standard templates: Live, File Based Content (Material), Captions/Subtitles, Graphics and SCTE104/35 insertion. The optional North American pack adds V-CHIP and JIP (Join In Progress) support. Content may be scheduled directly in the user interface or via XML and CSV import chains. Optional schedule translation services are available.

Additional Features

StreamPro includes all the features and functions for simple linear playout, ingest and automation, including:

  • Schedule Prep View: build and prepare schedules in the user interface
  • Read Only Playlist View: an ideal solution for remote monitoring and operations
  • Not Available for Transmission (NAFT), Material on Media, and Free Space reports for central storage and Overture™ media
  • As Run viewer with CSV, XLSX and XML export
  • Video, Graphic, Caption / Subtitle Upload Tasks: see content uploads and history
  • Transfer Job Dashboard: real-time and historic transfer history
  • Manual QC, including markup tasks (optional)
  • Fast turnaround - Play While Record (optional) for live workflows
  • Manual and Schedule linear recording (optional)
  • High resolution manual QC (optional)


  • DellEMC VMware (includes 3 years support)
  • Full turnkey network attached storage and switch options available
Ingest Supported Formats
VideoMXF (OP1A) - XDCAM 422, IMX30, IMX50, XAVC, MPEG2, AVCI
AudioBWAV, S302M, PCM - Audio tracks must be delivered in the order intended for playout. Dolby® encoded files and audio shuffle not supported.
GraphicsFull frame TGA sequences, full frame PNG, BMP, TGA and JPG, OFP graphical templates
Subtitles/CaptionsSCC, PAC
Supported LanguagesMultiple
Lines Ingest UsingSTREAMPRO-INGEST options
Schedule Supported Formats
ImportStreamPro XML specification, StreamPro CSV specification
ExportStreamPro XML specification
Schedule/Playout Templates
StandardLive, Material, Material Timecode, Subtitle, Graphics, SCTE, Transitions
North AmericanStandard plus V-CHIP and JIP
Record and Auto-MarkupSTREAMPRO-AUTO-PWR option
  • Overture™ technology
  • Frame-accurate playout
  • 4K UHD HDR support
  • Single- and multi-channel views
  • 1:1 and 1:0 redundancy
  • Caption/subtitle and graphics support
  • Single Playlist View
  • Single Playlist (Read Only) View
  • Multi-Channel Timeline View
  • Schedule Prep View
  • Playlist Import
  • Playlist Export
  • NAFT (Not Available for Transmission) Report
  • Material on Media Report
  • Main Storage Media Free Report
  • Overture™ Media Free Space Report
  • As-Run Viewer
  • Video/Graphic/Caption/Subtitle Upload Task
  • Transfer Job Dashboard
  • Manual QC (optional)
  • Fast Turnaround - Recording, Playback & Export (optional)
  • Manual and Scheduled Lines Record (optional)
  • Hi-Res Manual QC (optional)

Ordering Information

STREAMPRO-8-HDSD8 channel Playout System with HD/SD outputs
STREAMPRO-6-HDSD6 channel Playout System with HD/SD outputs
STREAMPRO-4-HDSD4 channel Playout System with HD/SD outputs
STREAMPRO-2-HDSD2 channel Playout System with HD/SD outputs
STREAMPRO-1-HDSD1 channel Playout System with HD/SD outputs
STREAMPRO-8-UHD8 channel Playout System with UHD outputs
STREAMPRO-6-UHD6 channel Playout System with UHD outputs
STREAMPRO-4-UHD4 channel Playout System with UHD outputs
STREAMPRO-2-UHD2 channel Playout System with UHD outputs
STREAMPRO-1-UHD1 channel Playout System with UHD outputs
STREAMPRO-STD-TEMPLATESStreamPro - Standard Playout Template Pack
STREAMPRO-NA-TEMPLATESStreamPro - Standard Playout Template Pack For North America (V-CHIP and JIP)
Ordering Options
STREAMPRO-QCOptional Manual QC Workflow For STREAMPRO base systems using low resolution proxies. Includes 1x OVRT-RENDER-X-B for proxy generation
STREAMPRO-QC-2Optional Manual QC Workflow For STREAMPRO base systems using low resolution proxies. Includes 2x OVRT-RENDER-X-B for proxy generation
STREAMPRO-TRANSLATIONOptinal Schedule Translation Services for STREAMPRO base systems
STREAMPRO-AUTO-PWROptional Play While Record, Auto Markup and Export Function. Utilizes Playlist Record functionality of Overture™. Requires STREAMPRO-QC Option.
STREAMPRO-INGEST-2Optional Manual and Scheduled Lines Record and Hi Res QC Workflow for STREAMPRO base systems. Includes 1x OVRT-LIVE-MC-B (2 Ingest with Confidence, 2 QC)
STREAMPRO-INGEST-4Optional Manual and Scheduled Lines Record and Hi Res QC Workflow for STREAMPRO base systems. Includes 2x OVRT-LIVE-MC-B (4 Ingest with Confidence, 4 QC)
STREAMPRO-INGEST-6Optional Manual and Scheduled Lines Record and Hi Res QC Workflow for STREAMPRO base systems. Includes 3x OVRT-LIVE-MC-B (6 Ingest with Confidence, 6 QC)
STREAMPRO-INGEST-8Optional Manual and Scheduled Lines Record and Hi Res QC Workflow for STREAMPRO base systems. Includes 4x OVRT-LIVE-MC-B (8 Ingest with Confidence, 8 QC)
Overture™ Server And Video Options-R option available for redundant playout applications
OVRT-LIVE-2U-BMultichannel Integrated Playout Engine
OV-SDI-2Optional Dual SDI I/O cards for OVRT-LIVE-2U-B. Note: cannot order OV-SDI and OV-SDI-2 on the same unit.. OV-SDI is one SDI card. OV-SDI-2 is two
OV-4KSoftware License to enable single channel 4K playout capability with the OVRT-LIVE-2U-B platform (note also requires OV-SDI-2 option to be ordered at the same time
OV-UDCIntegrated Up/Down/Cross Conversion for Overture™ RT
OV-SIMUSupport For Simultaneous SD and HD outputs
Overture™ Audio Options-R option available for redundant playout applications
OV-AUD-AACAAC Encode/Decode
OV-AUD-AC3ESingle Internal AC3 encoder for OVRT-LIVE
OV-AUD-DDInternal Dolby® E/AC3 decoding for OVRT-LIVE and OVRT-LIVE-2U
OV-AUD-DEEDolby® E encoder for OVRT-LIVE-1U
OV-AUD-DMX5.1 PCM Surround Sound to Stereo PCM Down-Mix
OV-AUD-UMXStereo PCM to Surround Sound 5.1 Up-Mixing
OV-AUD-IGIntelliGain Loudness Processing for OVRT-LIVE
OV-NENeilsen Encoding/Watermarking
Overture™ ANC Data Options-R option available for redundant playout applications
OV-CCCaption embedding from SCC file
OV-OP4247Support for Insertion of OP42/OP47 Teletext Packets
OV-SCTE104SCTE104 Trigger Insertion Under Playtime/Mediator-X Control
OV-VCHIPLicense For Insertion of V-CHIP Information Insertion In Outbound XDS Packets
OV-DVB-MUXGeneration of a DVB Compliant Output SPTS
OV-DVB-STLDVB Subtitle Rendering
OV-DVB-STL-ADDLNGAdditional DVB Subtitling Language Added to OV-DVB-STL