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Overture UHD / 3G / HD / SD Media Ingest / Playout Client MC

The OVRT-LIVE-MC-B is a multi-framerate ingest and playout client. The OVRT-LIVE-MC-B offers frame-accurate UHD, 3G, HD or SD ingest and playout fit for broadcast and post-production applications. Each Mediaclient is equipped with up to 6.6TB of usable local RAID 6 storage for ingest and playout. Customers also have the option to Ingest and playout to/from network attached storage. Content can be ingested is a variety of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats.

The OVRT-LIVE-MC-B offers dynamically configurable UHD/3G/HD/SD-SDI ingest ports, along with the dedicated playback ports for confidence play back of ingested content (with a minimal delay). The Jog/Shuttle/Play ports also allow content to be reviewed as it's being ingested. Alternately, this output can be used as a general-purpose playout for any local or network-stored content at the native standard of that content. The OVRT-LIVE-MC-B also leverages a shared code base with the OVRT-LIVE-2U-B to offer a variety of audio/video/vanc processing capabilities. The shared code base also ensures maximum interoperability for ingested content destined for playout on the OVRT-LIVE-2U-B.

Real-time control of the OVRT-LIVE-MC-B is supported via popular industry protocols over IP or individual RS-422 ports.


  • Multiple I/O Support SDI (UHD/3G/HD/SD), IP Compressed (H.264/MPEG-2), IP Uncompressed (SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2022-6)
  • Multiple Frame Rate Support 2160p/59.94, 2160p/50, 2160p/29.97, 2160p/25, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 625i, 525i
  • Advanced Ancillary Data Processing 608/708 Captions, OP42/OP47 Subtitles, DVB Subtitles, AFD (SMPTE ST 2016), Timecode, SCTE 104, V-Chip/XDS
  • Advanced Video Processing
  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion, AFD-based scaling
    • Real-time, frame-accurate, broadcast-quality Audio/Video codecs
    • Low-latency Confidence Playback while recording
    • Low-latency Jog/Shuttle/Play while recording
    • Low-res Proxy creation
    • Real-time Record/Playback to/from local RAID6 storage and/or NAS
  • Wrapper formats

  • Codecs

  • MPEG-2, H.264, AVCI, IMX-30, IMX-50, XDCAM50, PRORES, XAVC, DNxHD, PCM, Dolby pass-through, low-res MPEG-4 or MPEG-DASH proxy


Based on multi-core Linux 2RU Server architecture

Includes 4x 10GbE ports, 4x GbE ports, 2x RS-422, 1x IPMI port, and dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies


Number of I/O Ports
UHD 1x ingest, 1x confidence and 1x jog shuttle port
3G/HD/SD 2x ingest, 2x confidenceand 2x jog shuttle port
Number of I/O Interfaces Up to 16x configurable SDI input/output ports
Supported I/O Formats
Video Standard 525i, 625i, 720p/50, 720p/59.94 1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080p/59.94, 2160p/25, 2160p/29.97, 2160p/50, 2160p/59.94
Video Sample Format 4:2:2 Y/C 8-bit/10-bit, 4:2:0 Y/C 8-bit
Supported Multiplexes MXF OP-1A (Single item, single package), GXF, TS
Supported Video Codec XDCAM50, IMX50, IMX30, AVCI, PRORES, DNxHD, H.264, XAVC, MPEG-2
Video Processing Up/Down/Cross conversion


Number of Channels Up to 8x AES pairs at 48kHz sampling
Sample Format 16-bit, 20-bit and 24-bit samples
Supported Audio Codec PCM, AC3, Dolby-E
Audio Processing Upmix, Downmix
Audio Shuffling
Dolby D/D+/E Encode/Decode
IntelliGain audio loudness control


Supported VANC Codec SMPTE ST 436M, SMPTE ST 2038
ANC Processing Pass-through of all VBI lines
Subtitle/Closed Caption pass-through
Subtitle/Closed Caption insertion/extraction
CEA-608 to CEA-708 conversion
OP-42 to OP-47 conversion
Pass-through of VITC per SMPTE ST 12M
ATC/VITC timecode generation
AFD stamping per SMPTE ST 2016-a-2007
Pass-through of AFD per SMPTE ST 2016-1-2007
V-CHIP/SCTE-104 pass-through

Automation Interface

Number of Ports 2
Protocols V DCP, M2100
Number of Ports 4
Protocols V DCP, M2100

Non Real-Time File Transfers

Interface IP
Protocols FTP

Storage Capacity

  • 6.6TB

System Cooling

  • 6x 60x38mm heavy duty PWM fans

Power Specification

Power Supply Voltage (auto-ranging)
100 – 127V AC (50 – 60Hz), 10A, 900 watts (max power);
200 – 240V AC (50 – 60Hz), 6A, 1100 watts (max power)
Power Usage 500 watts
In-rush Current 3.6A (120V/60), 2A (208V/60)

Environmental Limits

Temperature 10-35°C (50-95°F)
Non-Operating Temperature -40-70°C (-40-158°F)
Relative Humidity 50-90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 17.25" W x 3.5" H x 28" D
(439mm x 89mm x 712mm)
Gross Weight Approx. 54lbs (24.5kg)
Rack Space 2RU

Serial connections require purchase of breakout cables.

Ordering Information

OVRT-LIVE-MC-B Dual Path Ingest/Playout/JS Media Client. SDI I/O Optional (order OV-SDI if required)

I/O Options

Notes Cannot order OV-SDI, OV-SDI-2 and OV-25G-IO on the same unit.
OV-SDI Optional single SDI I/O card. Provides 8x SDI I/O.
OV-SDI-2 Optional Dual SDI I/O cards. Provides 16x SDI I/O.
OV-25G-IO Optional Dual 25G I/O cards for OVRT-LIVE-2U-B.
OV-COMPRESSED-IO-MP2-H264 Support for compressed stream encoding and decoding in OVRT-LIVE systems

Video Proc Options

OV-4K Optional single channel 4K playout license (note also requires OV-SDI-2 or OV-25G-IO option)
OV-UDC Integrated Up/Down/Cross Converson For Overture RT
OV-SIMU Support For Simultaneous SD and HD outputs

Audio Options

OV-AUD-IG Intelligain Loudness Processing for OVRT-LIVE
OV-AUD-AAC AAC Encode/Decode
OV-AUD-DD Internal Dolby® E/AC3 decoding for OVRT-LIVE and OVRT-LIVE-2U
OV-AUD-DEE Dolby® E encoder for OVRT-LIVE-1U
OV-AUD-DMX 5.1 PCM Surround Sound to Stereo PCM Down-Mix
OV-AUD-UMX Stereo PCM to Surround Sound 5.1 Up-Mixing

Ancillary Data Options

OV-CC Caption embedding from SCC file
OV-OP4247 Support for Insertion of OP42/OP47 Teletext Packets