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Program Audio and Video Lip Synchronization

Today, even the simplest of processing equipment can have enough memory to delay video or audio a significant amount to introduce a human discernible lip-sync error - when the audio is not timed correctly to the action on the screen. Some system designs have the video and audio de-coupled from each other taking a separate path from source to destination, which becomes even more challenging to manage.

Managing audio and video timing in a broadcast environment can be a tedious and frustrating undertaking involving many man-hours of troubleshooting to determine where the audio and video are drifting in time. Evertz has recognized this globally common dilemma and has engineered IntelliTrak™ as the solution to monitor and correct lip sync error in real-time and within real program content.

IntelliTrak™ has been designed to accurately measure the lip sync error between the audio and video by analyzing the content at an origin point and then comparing that to a final destination point. IntelliTrak™ does not introduce any type of watermarking or flag insertion into the stream and therefore operates in a completely non-intrusive manner.

This technology can be applied to a number of Evertz products, including frame synchronizers, protection switches, multiviewers and many more!


  • Non-intrusive in-service lip sync error measurement
  • Tracks lip sync with up to 10s of latency between signals
  • Accurate reporting within ±1 ms
  • Works with all types of audio and video signals
  • Supports multi-channel audio (such as 5.1 and Dolby encoded signals)
  • Designed to report lip sync error through all sorts of processing
  • For use within plant or external with outdoor broadcasting units

Designed to Fit into Any System

IntelliTrak™ has been designed to blend into existing systems with minimal effort. There are several ways to implement IntelliTrak™ depending on the available infrastructure.

Remote IP Delivery

Effective when origin and destination points are connected to a common network.

Remote VANC Delivery

Effective when origin and destination points are on independent networks or when origin is not connected to a network.

Standalone Measurement

Effective when no network interface is available.

Ordering Information

Notes +IT must be specified at time of order with supporting product - eg: [model]+IT
+IT IntelliTrak™ Non-Intrusive Lip Sync Analyzer

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