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EQX - Evertz' industry known and established flagship baseband routing and distribution platform - has a new addition to its family: a 12G-SDI Enterprise Class router!

EQX-UHD is designed to support full 4K and UHD 12Gbps single-wire signals. Adopting the same fundamental modular design philosophies and core redundancy concepts found in our 3G EQX routers, EQX-UHD is ideal for mission-critical and demanding 24/7 environments.

A passive backplane and passive I/O rear plates allow for all critical active components to be hot-swappable from the front of the router. Featuring industry-leading path-by-path signal redundancy with redundant power, dual hot-swappable frame controllers and hot-swappable cooling fans, EQX-UHD is a true broadcast-quality enterprise router!

This 10RU frame is future-ready for 180x180 12Gbps SDI signals and is suitable for many mid-sized UHD/4K applications like mobile production, mobile flight packs, network and local broadcasters, cable, military, government and corporate applications.

System Flexibility

The inspired, modular approach of the EQX-UHD design provides excellent in-service expansion capabilities.

Ultra-Wide Band Routing

By offering a format-independent data path, EQX-UHD can support signals of different rates up to 12Gbps. In addition, EQX-UHD also supports four independent timing planes which provide independent SMPTE-compliant switching for up to four different digital video signal formats.

Comprehensive Control

EQX-UHD provides comprehensive connectivity to suit the most demanding installations. The internal frame controllers provide dual hot-connectivity, leveraging the power of MAGNUM to allow hosting of any number of remote control panels and third-party control devices like automation systems.

Processing capabilities

EQX-UHD supports the ability to natively de-embed AES from any input signal, deliver it as discrete audio and then re-embed on any video output. It can integrate EMR-TDM audio modules just as the 3G EQX10 router does, which allows for expansion and audio integration without using up the valuable video ports on the router. Additional license-enabled processing features are available.

Multiviewer Processor Integration

Carried over from the traditional EQX 3G frames, EQX-UHD also boasts penalty-free multiviewer outputs. Traditional XLINK cables can be utilized in conjunction with VIPX technology to achieve extensive multiviewer capability without the need to sacrifice outputs on the router.

Simple Maintenance

The advanced design of EQX-UHD ensures that ALL active components including input, output, routing crosspoint modules, frame controllers and even the cooling fans and power supplies are accessible from the front of the frame and can be hot-swapped at any time for maintenance.

Input and Output Flexibility

EQX-UHD is the ultimate design in terms of system availability, with architecture that contains redundant protection for all critical system elements. This architecture provides redundant 12Gbps single-wire crosspoints, dual hot-swappable and redundant frame controllers, external redundant load-sharing power supplies, redundant easy-access cooling fans and a dedicated monitoring bus that is independent of system crosspoint control. In the event of a failure, automatic re-routing of signals is fully supported by the system software. Using EQX-UHD monitoring capabilities, output quality can be verified prior to switching to redundant signal paths.

EQX-UHD is a fully SNMP-enabled system with independent network connections and supports seamless integration with VistaLINK® PRO Command & Control systems.

Contact the factory for more details and processing capabilities like input frame buffering for 3G and 12G data rates.

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  • High Performance Format Agnostic Platform
  • 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI
  • 10/25GbE uncompressed video over IP SDVN
  • Audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Additional IO processing features are available
  • Up to 9x XLINK available for additional multiviewer outputs
  • Source-by-source intelligent auto-configuration
  • Variable switch point
  • 5x MADI in and 5x MADI/TDM out (included with ADMX option)
  • Advanced System Control & Interfacing
  • MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO Command & Control
  • SNMP-enabled
  • Audio/video monitoring (AVM)
  • High Availability 24/7 Design
  • Fully modular design
  • Passive backplane
  • Fully redundant design:
    • redundant frame controller
    • redundant routing module
    • redundant power supply (separate 1RU)
    • redundant cooling fans
  • All modules are hot-swappable
  • Comprehensive system monitoring bus
  • VistaLINK® PRO / SNMP
  • AVM Monitoring of I/O and crosspoint modules
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Power supply monitoring


SDI Input
Connector Type75Ω coax and SFP
Key StandardsSMPTE ST 2082, 292M, 424M
Signal Level800mV p-p
Impedance75Ω terminating
Connector Type75Ω coax
Max TDM Audio Ch640 channels per TDM
SDI Output
Connector Type75Ω coax and SFP
Key StandardsSMPTE ST 2082, 292M, 424M
Impedance75Ω terminating
Redundant Protection
  • Redundant crosspoint
  • Redundant frame controller
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant cooling fans
Reference Timing
Switching RefAnalog 525/625/tri-level HD
Reference LoopoutYes
Connector2x BNC IEC 61169.8 Annex A
Signal Level1V p-p ±3dB
Reference Timing4 independent timing planes, programmable output by output
Height17.5" (44.5cm) -10RU
Width19" (48.3cm) -19" rack mount
Depth19.4" (49.3cm) over hinges/BNCs
VoltageAuto-ranging 100 – 240V 50/60Hz up to 4x load-sharing PS modules in 1RU frame, separate main input for each module or external 48V DC
Power1200 watts per PS module
RedundancySeparate 1RU frame with up to 4x PS modules for 1:1 redundancy

All specifications subject to change.

Ordering Information

EQXUHD-10-PKGPackage for a 12G video router consisting of a 10RU router frame capable of 12G-SDI, one frame controller, one power supply, one crosspoint capable of 12G-SDI routing and MAGNUM control system
EQXUHD-10-ADMX-PKGPackage for a 12G video and audio router consisting of a 10RU router frame capable of 12G-SDI, one frame controller, one power supply, one hybrid video and audio crosspoint capable of 12G-SDI routing and MAGNUM control system
Ordering Options
EQX-FCEQX frame controller module
EQX-PS-FR-BEQX 1RU redundant power supply tray with 4 slots for PS modules
EQX-PSHot-swappable, redundant EQX power supply modules for use in EQX-PS-FR-B
EQXUHD-XPT-160160x160 12G-SDI video crosspoint for EQX-UHD router
EQXUHD-XPT-160-ADMX160x160 12G-SDI video crosspoint with integrated ADMX for audio routing for use in EQX-UHD router
I/O Ordering Options
EQXUHD-IP1616-port input card with optional feature key to enable processing capabilities like TDM audio and functionality like 12G-SDI support
EQXUHD-OP1616-port output card with CleanSwitch capabilities and optional feature key to enable 12G-SDI and TDM processing capabilities
EQXUHD-IP16-F16-port input card for fiber with optional feature key to enable processing capabilities like TDM audio and functionality like 12G-SDI support; rearplate included, SFPs sold separately
EQXUHD-OP16-F16-port SFP output card for fiber with CleanSwitch capabilities and license key to enable 12G-SDI and TDM processing capabilities; rearplate included, SFPs sold separately
SFP Ordering Options
NotesContact factory for additional options
SFP12G-T13-2Dual 12G fiber transmitter SFP, 1310nm, LC single-mode
SFP12G-R-2Dual 12G fiber receiver SFP, LC single-mode
Feature Key Ordering Options
EQXUHD-FK-12GOptional feature key to enable 12G-SDI on EQX-UHD input and output modules
EQXUHD-FK-TDMOptional feature key to enable TDM audio on EQX-UHD input and output modules
EQXUHD-FK-FSOptional feature key to enable 12G-SDI capable Frame Sync on EQX-UHD input modules