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Input Module with Frame Sync, Audio De-Embedding and Looped Video Outputs

The EQX-IP18FSAD-3G is an 18-channel EQX input module that can frame sync video, resample embedded audio and de-embed audio over the TDM bus. This module is designed to re-time a SMPTE 292M or SMPTE 259M input to a local reference signal. When necessary, frames are repeated or dropped to maintain synchronization.

The FSAD card not only supports eighteen (18) digital video inputs plus two (2) TDM inputs and (2) License-enabled TDM outputs, it also has an additional eighteen (18) DA outputs, that are looped from the synced signals that also feed to the passive DIN rear plate.

There are two more unique features that can be unlocked when specific licenses are applied: the EQX-FK-AE license to provide the ability of re-embedding audio from incoming TDM and the EQX-FK-DSP license that will provide the ability to set the audio delay independently from the video delay and adjust audio parameters such as gain, mixing two stereo pairs into monaural, invert and shuffle the channels and re-embed them into video or send them over TDM.

The EQX router can be loaded with a maximum of 32x FS modules providing square and non-square matrix configurations from as small as 18x inputs plus 2x TDM outputs and 2x TDM inputs through to 576x physical inputs, in increments of 18.

The EQX-IP18FSAD-3G is accessed from the front of the frame and can be replaced while the EQX router is operational. The rear plate is completely passive, and has 18x channels of adaptive cable equalization that can switched On/Off as required with software. These modules are air cooled by the fans mounted in the upper and lower half of the frame.


  • Synchronizes all common video standards
  • Ability to de-embed audio from the video and stream over TDM so that it can be routed/processed separately
  • Ability to re-embed audio from incoming TDM that is processed and routed separately
  • Ability to resample four groups of audio and re-embed them
  • Ability to delay audio up to 5ms independent of video delay
  • DSP option gives the ability to adjust embedded audio and TDM audio parameters, such as shuffle, gain, inversion and mono mix
  • Up to 12x additional frames of video delay can be added
  • Frame sync can be bypassed
  • 18x synched loop outputs
  • Output phase adjustment with respect to reference
  • Can be set to freeze on last good frame or go to black on video loss
  • Input expansion in increments of 18+2+2, from 18 through to 576
  • Front access to all FS-AVIP modules
  • All modules are hot-swappable
  • Fan-cooled
  • Rear Plate is completely passive


Video Input

Standards SD-SDI (625 and/or 525)
3G and HD-SDI (720p, 1080i, 1080p, etc)


Number of TDM Outputs 2
Number of TDM Inputs 2


Number of Slots in EQX Frame 1

Ordering Information

EQX-IP18FSAD-3G Input Module with Frame Sync, Audio De-Embedding and Looped Video Outputs

SFP Modules (sold separately)

SFP1R-2 Dual Optical SFP Receiver, up to 3GB/s (+F option required)

Rear Panel (included with module)

EQX-IP18FSAD-3G-F-RP +F option, Fiber rear plate supports up to 2x EQX-IP18FSAD
EQX-IP18FSAD-3G-RP Mini DIN plate supports up to 2x EQX-IP18FSAD

Licensing and Option

EQX-FK-DSP Audio signal processing option
EQX-FK-AE Audio embedding option