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EMR Series - Serial Data Port Router Modules

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The EMR Data Port Router module occupies 2 slots in a EMX frame and can function as a standalone 48-port router or can interlink modules to expand to a 288x data port router in a single 6RU frame.

Each port is software selectable to be RS-232 or RS-422 to accommodate the devices connected, the EMR-PR48-A will do the translation to connect data flow between RS-232 and RS-422 devices. In addition, each port can be configured for manual or automatic sensing of controlling and controlled devices, as well Sony interface pin is supported.

The EMR-PR48-A also offers signal status monitoring for think like data activity, baud rate, Sony pin state, RX polarity when port is in 422 mode.


  • Modular with passive rearplate
  • Multi-card interconnect for a 288-port router
  • Per-port software control:
    • Conversion RS-232 and RS-422
    • Auto control sensing option
    • Sony interface pin
  • Troubleshooting monitor tools:
    • Port/device activity
    • Baud rate detection
    • Sony pin state
    • RS-422 RX polarity
  • SNMP monitoring


Data Input Port

Type RS-232 and RS-422, selectable
Signal Level 0.2 – 7.0V p-p
Connectors D50 female

Data Output Port

Type RS-232 and RS-422, selectable
Signal Level 2.0 – 7.0V p-p
Impedence 110Ω
Connectors D50 female


  • Used to expand by interlining EMR-PR48-A modules


Ethernet 2x RJ-45
Serial RS-232/RS-422, 2x D9 female
Protocol Quartz

Frame Reference

Reference Inputs 2x BNC, analog 525/625
Impedence 75Ω terminating
Connectors BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A

Ordering Information

EMR-PR48-A 48 device ports via D50 connectors, and 4 TDM outputs and 4 TDM inputs via DIN connectors. Supports a mix of RS-422 and RS-232 ports and conversion between the two standards. Supports automatic master/controller routing for VTRs.
Rear Plate Suffix
+6RU 6RU rear plate for use in 6RU slots


EMX6-FR 6RU EMX Router frame which holds 15 single slot modules
EMX3-FR 3RU EMX Router frame which holds 5 single slot modules
EMX1-FR 1RU EMX Router frame which holds 2 single slot modules

EMX Enclosure Accessories and Options

EMX-FC Frame controller for EMX Frames, provides Ethernet interface for external control and monitoring
+6PS Redundant Power Supply
+3PS Redundant Power Supply
+PS Redundant Power Supply for EMX1-FR