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DreamCatcher™ Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Platform

The quickest path to a correct decision

DreamCatcher™ VAR is an easy to implement, all-in-one solution that allows customers of all sports and sizes to fulfill their video review needs.

The DreamCatcher™ VAR is built on the industry standard DreamCatcher™ live production platform and is currently providing replay review for the top sports and e-sports leagues in the world. Utilizing the 3 principles of a successful VAR platform, accuracy, speed and transparency, the DC-VAR allows for the quickest path to a correct decision.

Every DC-VAR is a multiple purpose device, not only allowing customers to fulfill their video refereeing requirements, but also permitting the creation of content and generation of revenue with the same server. With the added ability to produce OTT content, the DC-VAR moves video refereeing from a cost center to an additional revenue stream.

DreamCatcher™ VAR technology is trusted by a multitude of prestigious organizations including:

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • The Chinese Basketball Association
  • Royal Belgian Football Association
  • Hungarian Football Federation
  • British Horse Racing Authority
  • Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park
  • Esports Engine

By pioneering the development of reliable hardware and software as well as the creation of state-of-the-art centralized replay centers since 2014, Evertz is considered an industry leader in video review technologies.

We have also partnered with both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB), to create their state of the art centralized replay centers in 2014, where we still provide them VAR services to this day.

To date, over 35,000 professional sporting events worldwide have been completed with DreamCatcher™ VAR technology, providing Evertz with unmatched experience and knowledge in video officiating solutions.

Referee Operated Video Review Solutions

Each DreamCatcher™ VAR deployment is tailored to the specifications of the sport in question for a truly specialized product. Leaning on the vast experience Evertz has gained; customized user interfaces for each sport have been created to act as an extension of the referee and allow officials with sport-specific knowledge to operate the system.

American Football
Horse Racing
Auto Racing
Ice Hockey

And many more...

Features & Benefits

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Intuitive Operation
Tailored Workflow
Slow Motion Replay
Synchronous Multi-Angle Control
Digital Zoom
Metadata Reporting
Metadata Integration
Evertz End-to-End Solution
Broadcast Quality
Event Tagging
Referee Review Area
Loop Mode
Scheduled Sessions
Virtual Offside Technology

Unmatched User Experience

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Flexible & Scalable Architecture

DreamCatcher™ VAR leverages the patented DreamCatcher™ network architecture to allow for flexibility within your video officiating workflow. All DC-VAR servers can be used in a multitude of configurations, allowing the location of operators and equipment to be variable.

DC-VAR: Mobile Architecture

  • Mobile & non-permanent
  • Operators and equipment located in a van, container or room within the stadium
  • All setups provide a high quality & professional operation room for referees to work
  • Return DreamCatcher™ VAR output feed and audio communication to Referee Review Area and OB Van

DC-VAR: Centralized Architecture

  • Centralized remote hub
  • Low latency transport links between stadium & remote location
  • Operators and equipment located in off-site centralized hub
  • Reduces travel costs, carbon footprint and risks
  • Supervisor position can access all camera angles and matches
  • Optional operator interactivity via DC-ANYWHERE
  • Easily organize resources and setup match days with Evertz MAGNUM Scheduler
  • Return DreamCatcher VAR output feed and audio communication over transport network to Referee Review Area and OB Van

DC-VAR: Decentralized Architecture

  • DreamCatcher™ equipment hosted on-site and in centralized hub
  • Low latency transport links between stadium & remote location
  • Operators located in off-site centralized hub interact with equipment on-site at stadium
  • Optional operator interactivity via DC-ANYWHERE
  • Return DreamCatcher™ VAR output feed and audio communication to Referee Review Area and OB Van

DC-VAR: Cloud Architecture

  • System runs as "Software as a service" (SaaS) model in the public cloud or COLO center
  • Transport equipment can reside in OB van or with the transport service provider
  • Reduction in bandwidth requirements
  • OPEX pricing model
  • Efficient use of equipment
  • All angles recorded and visualized in ultra-low latency
  • Operators located off-site interact with cloud-hosted use interface via DC-ANYWHERE
  • Return DreamCatcher™ VAR output feed and audio communication to Referee Review Area and OB Van

DreamCatcher™ VAR Academy

The DreamCatcher™ VAR Academy trains replay operators and engineers on video officiating protocols and system use. Every DreamCatcher™ VAR installation includes access to the Evertz video review database for training which contains thousands of clips of various incidents from leagues and sports across the world. Progress through the Academy is tracked by experienced instructors to ensure a high standard has been achieved by all trainees. To date, over 300 professional officials have been trained on Evertz technology.

Case Studies & Applications

  • Royal Belgian Football Association Expands DreamCatcher VAR Mobile Solution into State-of-the-Art Centralized Facility

    By adopting the uniquely flexible DC-VAR system as the video refereeing backbone for their high profile, technically advanced centralized replay center, the Royal Belgian Football Association have adopted their mobile van set up into a more efficient solution.


  • Woodbine Racetrack Purchases DreamCatcher VAR for Cost-Effective Addition

    By leveraging Woodbine Racetracks existing DreamCatcher architecture, the purchase of DC-VAR servers allowed for a cost effective extension of scope from strictly live production to include video steward review capability.

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  • NBA's Replay Center Set to Revolutionize Officiating with DC-VAR

    Evertz end-to-end solution chosen by the NBA to assist officials in making tough calls without disrupting the momentum of a game. In addition to video refereeing, the NBA utilizes the DC-VAR equipment to create OTT content and produce WNBA games to generate additional revenue streams for the leagues.

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  • RaceTech Leverages Evertz' DreamCatcher VAR to Create Integrated Solution

    After moving on from a solution that didn't meet their expectations, RaceTech partnered with Evertz to create a uniquely tailored platform that integrates stewards' review functionality and live production within the same infrastructure for the British Horse Racing Authority.


  • MLB Unveils State-Of-The-Art Evertz Powered Replay Center

    Umpires utilize DreamCatcher™ to analyze plays without interrupting the flow of the game.


Ordering Information

DC-VAR8 8 x I/O HD/3G, Tailored User Interface
DC-VAR16 16 x I/O HD/3G, Tailored User Interface
DC-VAR-ONE 8 x I/O HD/3G, Streamlined User Interface