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Automatic Change Over with Audio / Video Monitoring

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The 570ACO-X19-10G is an auto clean switch designed for auto failover of SMPTE ST 2110 signals due to video faults, audio faults or data faults with selectable priority for each input signal. The 570ACO-X19-10G contains three independent cores with 4x SMPTE ST 2110 inputs (A, B, C, D), each capable of producing 2x SMPTE ST 2110 and HD/SDI outputs (Program and Preview).

Monitoring capabilities include the ability to detect HD/SDI errors. Parameters include frozen video detection, black video detection, picture and audio level monitoring as well as ancillary data monitoring. Many of these parameters have user-adjustable thresholds and time periods to suit any application.


  • SMPTE ST 2022-7 on all ST 2110 main/backup inputs
  • Configurable frame delay up to 14 frames per video path (audio and ANC follow video)
  • Support slipless mode to auto-sync videos from different inputs
  • Program and Preview outputs can be manually overridden by the customer to select any input
  • Clean video switch, no TRS violations on video output
  • Quiet audio switch, no pops
  • Full in-band control support for MAGNUM routing
  • VGPI support from MAGNUM
  • Priority setting for input failover
  • Can force disable an input to exclude it
  • Revertible and non-revertible failover
  • A fault reported can be included or excluded in the failover decision-making
  • Can function 4x1, 3x2, 3x1 and 2x1 ACS by disabling unused inputs/outputs
  • Failover faults:
    • Frozen video
    • Video missing
    • Audio missing
    • Audio silence
    • Closed caption missing
    • SCTE104 missing


Serial Digital Video

Standards SMPTE ST 424M (3GB/s), SMPTE ST 292M (1.5GB/s)

IP Input

Ethernet Interface 8x 10GbE SFP+ (APP A), 6x 10GbE SFP+ (APP B)
Decapsulation SMPTE ST 2110

Serial Video Output

APP A STMPE ST 424M (3GB/s), STMPE ST 292M (1.5GB/s)
APP B STMPE ST 292M (1.5GB/s)
Number of Outputs 6
Connector DIN
Signal Level 800mV nominal
DC Offset 0V ±0.5V
Return Loss > 12dB up to 1.5GHz

IP Output

Ethernet Interface 4x 10GE SFP+ (APP A and B)
Encapsulation SMPTE ST 2110

Switching Reference

Reference Input 2x BNC on 570FR; Analog 525/625; PTP (IEEE 1588-2008) via 10GbE interface


Voltage +12V DC
Power 90 watts
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC regulations for class A devices, complies with EU EMC directive


Number of Slots 2


S570FR 3RU chassis
570FR 1RU chassis

Ordering Information

570ACO-X19-10G Automatic change over with audio/video monitoring, 10GbE I/O and SDI outputs (SFP+ sold separately)