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3067VIP-12G-16x2 is the most advanced high density multi-image display processor technology available. It supports SD, HD, 3G and 12G SDI inputs and up to two unique display outputs. Each 3067VIP-12G-16x2 input can be displayed in any size and position or aspect ratio on any display. The 3067VIP-12G-16x2 provides the best input reproduction; it leverages the same video processing technology as Evertz conversion products.

The 3067VIP-12G-16x2 is a hot-swappable device, which can reside in any Evertz EMX series frame available in 1RU, 3RU and 6RU, with optional redundant power supplies. This allows high density I/O count per RU.

The 3067VIP-12G-16x2 is VistaLINK® enabled, offering remote monitoring, control and configuration capabilities via SNMP. The 3067VIP-12G-16x2 is easy to configure via the web interface. Layout can be designed in a live control environment using VUE-WEB (web browser). Key features include automatic aspect ratio adjustment per source basis, graticule generation, VITC/HD time code decode, cc decode/burn-in and more.


  • Accepts 16x inputs with embedded audio
  • Auto-sensing SD, HD, 3G and 12G inputs
  • Best image quality in industry
  • Supports dual output support resolution up to UHD (3840x2160) per output
  • Allows for fullscreen viewing of any input on any output
  • Supports for dynamic under monitoring displays (UMD) and tallies from router and switcher
  • Supports advanced on screen graphics, including analog clock, transparency control of objects, raised bezels and borders, custom background, custom logo per display
  • Supports up to 3x TrueType fonts including non-Latin alphabets
  • Built-in graticule generator, user defined per window
  • Enables the decoding and display of VITC/ATC (SMPTE ST 12-1, 12M-2) time code
  • Audio, video and data fault monitoring with on screen fault notification
  • VistaLINK® capable for configuration and monitoring via SNMP
  • One frame processing delay
  • Real time control of display output via web-based layout design tool (VUE-WEB)
  • Decoding and burn-in of 608 and 708 captions as well as Teletext
  • Monitoring of the full 16x channels of embedded audio per input
  • Loudness monitoring per ITU 1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R 128
  • Dolby E audio monitoring with surround sound bar graph (one per input)

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SDI Inputs
Standards12G (SMPTE ST 2082)
3GB/s (SMPTE ST 424M/424M-AB)
HD-SDI (SMPTE ST 292-1) and/or
Number of Inputs16
SDI Video Output
Number of Outputs8 (maximum 2 unique outputs)
Genlock Input
TypeNTSC/PAL color black
Level1V p-p nominal
ConnectorUses EMX frame genlock BNC
Network TypeFast Ethernet 100 Base-TX 1EEE 802.3U standard for 100Mbps base band CSMA/CD local area network
ConnectorVia EMX frame controller
Voltage+12V DC
Power130 watts
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15, Class A, EU EMC directive
{Number of Slots)2

Ordering Information

3067VIP-12G-16x216x auto-sensing SD, HD, 3G, 12G inputs, dual outputs up to UHD resolution
Ordering Options
+SMAudio level, fault monitoring for audio and video
+MCRDolby E monitoring, loudness monitoring, CC/Teletext, VANC data monitoring; includes +SM options
SFP3TR-HDBNC-12G12G/3G/HD/SD Reclocking, MSA SFP Transceiver, HD-BNC Connectors