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Multiviewer & Monitoring Technology Audit Program

Evertz Multiviewer & Monitoring Technology Audit Program

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Evertz has created a program that allows our customers to take stock of their current technology resources and provide options to meet their long term business objectives. Evertz will work with you and your team to develop a cost-effective plan to refresh multiviewer systems which will cover today's needs as well as future-poof their multiviewer system requirements, whether it be UHD, HDR or transitioning to IP.

Evertz Multiviewer & Monitoring Technology Audit Program enables our customers to capture their current technology resources used for multiviewing and monitoring within broadcast facilities or OB applications. The audit program includes a full day on-site visit to perform an audit of the existing technology hardware and software assets. The audit will collect system information: (but not limited to)

Once the information has been collected, Evertz will systematically review the data and assess the existing system. The audit team will provide the following information in a detailed report:

Evertz will review the report with customers and identify the best path forward that meets their long term business needs.

Take Advantage of Multiviewer & Monitoring Audit Program

The Evertz team will review the software and firmware information collected and recommend if an upgrade is required for any bug fixies, features available in new firmware or configuration changes, which could optimize the functionality of the system.

Customers looking to modernize and / or future-proof their multiviewer and monitoring system for 12G, IP, UHD or HDR support can benefit from our next generation ev670-x30-HW-V2 hardware platform. This next generation multiviewer and monitoring platform allows upgrades to 12G or IP ST 2110-20, ST 2110-22 or ST 2022-6. Additionally, it can be a hybrid solution to allow SDI and ST 2110 using gateway + multiviewer functionality.

Multiviewer Platforms that Meet Future Needs


Evertz' ev670-X30-HW-V2 is an FPGA-accelerated compute blade, which supports 12G / 3G / HD and SD-SDI, and IP interfaces. The ev670-X30-HW-V2 provides a number of different licensed and configurable applications (apps) for SDI, ST 2110-20, ST 2210-22, ST 2022-6 or Gateway.

The ev670-x30-HW-V2 platform also provides some advance functionality like up to three dynamic UMD, four dynamic Tally, regional freeze and black detection, SCTE104 triggers, CC, subtitle, OP47 decode and monitoring, AFD data and many more. ev670-x30-HW-V2 is hosted by MAGNUM, which allows multiviewers to be accessed from anywhere on the network. ev670-x30-HW-V2 is also tightly integrated with Evertz' VUE platform, which allows control and monitoring of the entire system from anywhere with standard web interface. ev670-x30-HW-V2 is tightly integrated with both VistaLINK for alarming and reporting signal faults and the inSITE system for real time data analytics of the system.

Licensable Applications (Apps)






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