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Namedropper HD

HD9725LGA - HD/SD Media Inserter Package for NBC Namedropper HD

Evertz, the most complete broadcast HD solutions provider, is proud to be the selected NBC Namedropper HD equipment supplier. Evertz offers the HD9725LGA-NAMEDROPPER package for High Definition (HD) affiliate branding and promotions.

Affiliate Distribution & Purchase Program

The Namedropper XL, NBC's currently installed SD system, will be maintained in its current form and run in parallel to Namedropper HD. However, Evertz's NAMEDROPPER HD can also be used as a standard definition (SD) solution on your SD path, replacing existing NDXL units.

While NBC is providing one NDHD unit to each station (providing that station contributes to the NBC Affiliate Fund), any NBC station may purchase 1 more unit directly from Evertz at the "NBC Namedropper HD Package Price". Additional units may be purchased at the standard rate. Optional features include desktop remote or rack-mount remote control panels as well as extended warranty. Contact Evertz directly to purchase any additional units.

ENPS 5.0 updated to support NBC's Namedropper HD

The latest ENPS update 5.0 now supports NBC's Namedropper system. The Namedropper inserts local station logos, time and temperature, news crawls, and other promotional messages into network programming.

Enhancements in ENPS 5.0 allow stations to automatically feed crawl content directly to both the new Namedropper HD as well as the legacy Namedropper XL. ENPS content chosen by your station can be a mix of locally written stories, school closings, or traffic reports, as well as AP "ticker" content categories which are updated automatically as new items are received. The crawls can then be triggered by NBC during the Today show, or manually on demand at a local station.

The HD9725LGA-NAMEDROPPER Media Inserter package features

  • Complete HD/SD logo insertion support
  • Local insertion of logos, animations and news text crawls at each affiliate, triggered by NBC Network using signals embedded in the VBI
  • Insertion of pre-rendered animation into the video stream for local snipes and animated logos, with associated audio clips
  • Local time and temperature insertion (with Temperature Probe option included)
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) interface
  • Dual power supplies for redundancy
  • Solid state memory and compact flash (CF) for logo and animation storage with 16GB storage capacity (no hard-drives)
  • 1-year Warranty