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KeyLog Tracker™

Telecine Logging & Configuration Management Tool

The Evertz Film Post Production System helps you to keep track of all aspects of your Film to Tape transfer session.

KeyLog Tracker™ is an intuitive graphical user interface that provides more flexibility to the Evertz Film Post Production System than ever before. KeyLog Tracker™ runs on standard Windows computer hardware and gives you access to a host of new capabilities for the system including more character windows, simultaneous KeyKode and Ink number handling, and several new Time code modes to mention a few.

The Evertz Film Post Production System uses function specific hardware units such as the HDSD9045TR Film Footage Encoder, the 5550 KeyKode Reader and the new HDSD9155Q Afterburner Inserter to perform the bulk of the real time processing. This dedicated hardware reads and generates Video Time code, reads KeyKode and Film Time code, inserts ancillary data or Vertical Interval Time Code and character burn-ins into HDSDI or SDI program video, and keeps track of the 3:2 pulldown.

KeyLog Tracker™ centralizes the control of your Film Footage Encoder and Afterburner, performs frame accurate logging of Video and Audio Time Code, KeyKode, Ink numbers, 3:2 pulldown and related production data and provides extensive database management capabilities for the resulting project data.

KeyLog Tracker™ connects to Film Footage Encoder & Afterburner units using RS-232 connections or 10/100 Ethernet for HDSD9045TR and HDSD9155Q only.

Character Windows

KeyLog Tracker™ gives you access to 33 separate character windows to display Video Time code, Audio Time code, KeyKode, Ink numbers (feet & frames), Scene, Take, Slate, Lab roll, Camera roll, Sound roll, Date of Production, and a 32 character user definable text window (hardware dependant).

Flexible Hardware Control

KeyLog Tracker™ works with Evertz complete line of film footage encoders and HD Afterburners. With KeyLog Tracker™'s graphical configuration editor you choose the overall operating mode that fits your project. Within each mode you can adjust various hardware settings to achieve precisely the result your clients demand. An unlimited number of configurations can be saved and recalled, minimizing set up times for repeat clients and virtually eliminating operator error. A project's configuration is automatically recalled when the project is opened.

An electronic virtual slate shows all the vital information at the start of each take, for master transfers where you cannot display the normal burn-ins throughout the take.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to see at a glance how your hardware is configured. In addition, the Encoder Status window constantly monitors KeyKode reading performance, incoming Time codes and other real time status information.

Data Logging

KeyLog Tracker™ allows you to choose the optimal method of logging transfer elements to the database. You let the project determine whether you will log only the head and tail of each roll for one light transfers, grab KeyKode or Timecode breaks for select take rolls, grab events on the fly from the keyboard, or interface to external edit controllers with the GPI interface. Pre-determined tag points can be entered into Daily Roll files to automate data capture on Synced Print transfers. Production data such as Scene and Take, Camera roll, Sound roll can be pre-entered before the telecine session to streamline the transfer process, or can be entered in real time during the transfer.

Data Management Functions

KeyLog Tracker™'s extensive data management capabilities are second to none. Projects can be organized by client, or production, or by operator - you decide. The spreadsheet style preview and editing of logged events allows you to quickly scan the transfer session and edit the database. Project wide viewing and sorting of events facilitates management of data on long form productions such as feature films. Reports can be sorted by VT roll, Camera roll, Scene/Take, KeyKode or Ink numbers to name a few.

The Event Tracker allows you to trim time codes, KeyKode and Ink numbers of in and out points together. Event cleanup functions remove unwanted events and overlaps from the list. KeyLog Tracker™ generates Film Transfer list files compatible with most non linear editors.
- KEYLOG FTL, AVID ALE, TLC FLEx and Lightworks ODB formats are supported.

Desktop Configurability

The KeyLog Tracker™ desktop groups relevant information into separate windows, which can be positioned and sized to suit the colorist's preferences. A spreadsheet style display of logged events is fully configurable to view only the information that is needed for a client. Each user can save their favorite layout of the desktop when the system is shared by multiple colorists.

KeyLog Assistant

Also included with KeyLog Tracker™ is Keylog Assistant, a stand alone program designed for the client's cutting room. This program is ideal for organizing film projects, generating reports, and pre-entry of film production data for saving even more time during a transfer session.

Ordering Information

KeyLog Tracker Included with HDSD9045TR Film Footage Encoder and HDSD9155Q Afterburner. Upgrades available for older systems. Contact factory.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium III
  • Operating System: Win2000, WinXP Pro
  • RAM: 256MB recommended
  • Mouse
  • Video 2MB, 800x600 minimum
  • CD-ROM
  • Hard Disc: 20MB free
  • Serial Ports: 2 available
  • Local or network printer for printing reports (recommended)
  • Sound card with speakers used to generate system sounds when logging (recommended)
  • 10/100 Ethernet (recommended)