For increasingly complex global live productions, the Studer Infinity Core Series comfortably exceeds the most demanding processing requirements, all in a compact footprint with the assurance of the highest level of processing redundancy protection.

Although today's mixing systems can already offer pristine audio quality and the capacity to run live production with hundreds of inputs, the Industry is continuously pushing the boundary and demanding more from technology.

Studer 'Infinity Core' technology leverages standard IT components to create the ideal flexible, future-ready backend audio signal processing solution, capable of processing more than 1000 audio channels in a CPU-based engine. Infinity Core technology provides an extremely scalable system, faster development of new signal processing designs, huge channel counts, full system redundancy without a single point of failure.

In combination with Studer's A-Link digital audio interface, Infinity Core solutions enable the use of significantly higher density I/O solutions, utilizing up to 11A-Link interfaces, each with 1536 I/O capability and provides unrestricted distribution of I/O frames over long distances where required.


  • 5 HU high, recessed or flush mountable
  • Optional full Core redundancy (1+1) with seamless audio switching
  • 300, 600 or 1000 MEQ processing channels (1 MEQ = Mono equivalent channel with full processing configuration)
  • Maximum 768 mono mix-busses (Host, Group, Aux, N-X, vMix, VSP-Reverb etc.), customer configurable
  • 11A-Link ports with maximum 1'536 I/O per port (bi-directional)
  • Total maximum 8'448 I/O (bi-directional) in mixer mode
  • Total maximum 16'896 I/O (bi-directional) in router mode
  • Hot swappable redundant power supply

CPU Technology Advantages

  • Infinite processing power (Moore's law (Coined by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel) postulates that every 2 years there will be a doubling of the number of transistors per square inch on dense integrated circuit boards. We are seeing the effects of this with our latest Infinity Core Processors, increased power at a competitive price.)
  • Scalability of audio signal processing with minimal re-engineering of the processing core
  • No need to redesign processing cards with new DSP- or FPGA-chip generation

Secure Operation

Infinity Core technology provides the highest level of processing redundancy protection. With it, two sample-locked cores running in parallel in host and client modes, auto fail-over switching is achieved seamlessly without the slightest audible disturbance.

Model Options

Available in THREE versions: 300, 600, and 1000 MEQ channels, the Studer Infinity Core delivers unprecedented capacity with superb sonic quality, and with more than 5000 paths to processing.