When global live productions require increased processing power from space-conscious locations, the Studer Compact Infinity Core Series delivers. The Compact Infinity Core's 2RU rack height is ideal for OB-Vans and other applications where space may be limited but standard Infinity Core features like 100% redundancy protection are important and often required.

Studer 'Infinity Core' technology leverages standard IT components to create the ideal, flexible, future-ready backend audio signal processing solution. Capable of processing high channel counts in a CPU-based engine, Infinity Core technology provides a scalable system, with faster development of new signal processing designs, huge channel counts, full system redundancy, without a single point of failure.

In combination with Studer's A-Link digital audio interface, Compact Infinity Core solutions enable the use of significantly higher density I/O solutions, utilizing up to 4A-Link interfaces, each with 1536 I/O capability and provides unrestricted distribution of I/O frames over long distances where required.


  • Full Studer Infinity Core redundancy supported with seamless Core switching
  • 4 x A-Link ports to support up to 6144 Inputs & Outputs (bi-directional)
  • 60'000 summation nodes which deliver 768 Mix-Busses
  • 2 HU high and below 470mm depth
  • Available with 300 MEQ Channels (Compact Infinity Core 300) and 500 MEQ (recommended MEQ count for Compact Infinity Core 600)
  • Fully user configurable configuration of channel formats, processing and bus-structure
  • Redundant power supplies

CPU Technology Advantages

  • Infinite processing power as defined by Moore's Law (Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel postulated that every two years, there will be a doubling of the number of transistors per square inch on dense integrated circuit boards. We are seeing the effects of this with our latest Infinity Core Processors, increased power at a competitive price.
  • Scalability of audio signal processing with minimal re-engineering of the processing core
  • No need to redesign processing cards with new DSP- or FPGA-chip generation

Secure Operation

Compact Infinity Core is a reliable solution providing the highest level of processing redundancy protection. With two sample-locked cores, running in parallel, in host and client modes, auto fail-over switching is achieved, seamlessly without the slightest audible disturbance.

Model Options

Available in TWO versions: 300 and 600, the Studer Infinity Compact Core delivers, unprecedented capacity with superb sonic quality, in an extremely compact footprint.