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The HD9010TM HDTV Time Code Master is a full function time code reader/generator system for high definition serial digital video. The HD9010TM is a combination dual generator / dual reader for Linear Time Code (LTC) and SMPTE ST 12-2 Ancillary Time Code (ATC), and contains a high resolution character inserter which can burn the generator or reader numbers directly into the high definition serial digital program output.

The HD9010TM requires SMPTE ST 292-1 (1.5Gb/s) high definition serial digital video for normal operation. The HD9010TM's time code generators can be referenced to the input video or to an analog bi-level or tri-level signal. When generating 24Fps timecode it will also lock the generator count sequence to a 6Hz pulse.

The HD9010TM generators can be slaved to incoming LTC or ATC or can be set to free run. The generators may also be momentarily synchronized to one of the readers, and then continue to increment normally regardless of the reader code. The second LTC output normally follows the primary output, however the two generators can be operated at different frame rates to supply both 24Fps and 30Fps time code when used in a 1080p/24 environment. The drop frame conversion mode allows you to generate Drop Frame code on 1080i/59.94 broadcast master tapes when adding 3.2 pulldown to 1080p/23.98sF source material.

The high-resolution character inserter provides independently positionable windows to show time and user bits for the generator and readers simultaneously. One character size and the choice of white or black characters with or without contrasting background mask are available.

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  • Video formats supported: 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/30sF, 1080p/25sF, 1080p/24sF, 1035i/60, 720p/60, 720p/50 and the 1/1.001 divisor versions where applicable
  • Reads SMPTE ST 12-2 LTC and VITC ancillary time code packets from incoming video - read line auto detected
  • Generates SMPTE ST 12-2 LTC and VITC ancillary time code packets on output video
  • Two LTC readers and two LTC generators operate at 24, 25 or 30 Fps nominal rate in accordance with SMPTE ST 12-1 specification
  • Generates 24 Fps and 30 Fps simultaneously
  • SMPTE ST 12-2 to/from LTC translator
  • Drop frame to/from Non drop frame converter
  • Locks to 6Hz pulse when generating 24 FPS nominal rate code
  • Generates character burn in windows for the reader and generator time and user bit data. Windows can be positioned and turned off and on independently
  • White or black characters on contrasting background
  • Two character sizes
  • Front panel display and control using menu system
  • GPI Remote Control mode allows user to pass remote control contact closure information in ATC user bits
  • Field upgradable firmware as new features become available
  • Optional dual power supply configuration
  • Optional input relay bypass for power failure bypass protection


Serial Video Input
StandardSMPTE ST 292-1 (1.5Gb/s), SMPTE ST 274, SMPTE ST 296, SMPTE ST 349
1080i/60, 1080i/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/30sF, 1080p/25sF, 1080p/24sF, 1035i/60, 720p/60, 720p/50, 480p/60 and the 1/1.001 divisor versions where applicable; software selectable or autodetect
ConnectorBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
EqualizationAutomatic 100m @ 1.5Gb/s with Belden 1694A or equivalent cable
Automatic 50m @ 1.5Gb/s with +HBP option
Return Loss> 15dB up to 1GHz
> 10dB up to 1.5GHz with +HBP option
Serial Video Output
Number of Outputs1 relay bypassed with (+HBP option), 2 non bypassed
ConnectorBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Signal Level800mV nominal
DC Offset0V ±0.5V
Rise/Fall Time200ps nominal
Overshoot< 10% of amplitude
Wideband Jitter< 0.2UI
TimecodeSMPTE ST 12-2 Ancillary Time Code
LTC Readers
StandardSMPTE ST 12-1
Number of Inputs2
Connector3 pin female XLR type
Signal Level0.2V to 4V p-p, balanced or unbalanced
Frame Rate24, 25 and 30 Fps nominal
Speed1/30th to 50x play speed, VTR dependent
LTC Generators
StandardSMPTE ST 12-1
Number of Outputs2
Connector3 pin male XLR type
Signal LevelAdjustable, 0.5V to 4.5V p-p
Frame Rate24, 25 and 30 Fps nominal
Rise Time40 ±10µs
Jitter< 2µs
Video Reference
TypeMenu selectable - depends on video format
NTSC or PAL Colour Black 1V p-p
Bi-level sync (525i/59.94 or 625i/50) 300 mV
HD Tri-level sync
Number of Generators2
ConnectorBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
TerminationHigh impedance loop through
General Purpose Input/Output
Number6 programmable input or output functions
TypeActive low with internal pull-ups to +5V
ConnectorFemale High Density DB-9
Signal Level+5V nominal
Serial Remote Control
Number of Ports2
Connector9 pin female "D"
Baud RateSelectable
ControlFirmware upgrade, timecode data broadcast
PowerAuto ranging 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 40 Watts
SafetyTÜV Listed, Complies with EU Safety Directive
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive
Dimensions19" W x 1.75" H x 18.75" D
(483mm W x 45mm H x 477mm D)
Weight8lbs. (3.5kg)

Ordering Information

HD9010TMHD Time Code Master
Ordering Options
+2PSRedundant Power Supply
+HBPBypass Relay