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Media Exchange Platform

The EV90 is a digital headend and stream processing platform in a high-density 1RU form-factor. The EV90 manages multiplexing, PSI/SI table insertion, scrambling and can also provide up to 168 QAM-modulated output signals for cable-headend applications. Equipped with four 10GE data ports, the EV90 has options for flexible configurations including the use of 1+1 port redundancy or stream redundancy using configurable triggers and service ID detection follow-up.

Up to six processing modules can be housed inside of the chassis to facilitate various applications such as IP and ASI input/output modules and modulated RF output modules.

The EV90 platform can be utilized as a single function or multi-function chassis system, depending on the type of application such as content ingestion, conditional access, multiplexing and broadcasting.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular, scalable platform, high density and small footprint
  • Low power consumption, low heat-load
  • IP and ASI inputs/outputs and RF outputs facilitate numerous signal processing applications
  • Wire-speed scrambling and multiplexing
  • 44 Gbps throughput
  • 168 QAMs in 1RU
  • Supports over 30 CA systems
  • High-density Edge QAM (EQAM) platform



Mounting 19" rack mountable, 1RU rails for easy installation
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1U x 19" x 20'' (500 mm)
Operating Voltage 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz, -48V DC
Power Consumption Maximum 300 watts for a fully occupied chassis
Operating Temperature -10-55°C (14-131°F) ambient
Relative Humidity Up to 90% (non-condensing), Cooling replaceable fans
Cooling Hot-swappable fans

Management Interfaces

  • 4x 10/100 Base-T for CAS and NMS USB for initial setup

Stream Interfaces

  • 4x 1GbE/10GbE SFP slots, supports electrical and optical SFP modules
  • Main and 1+1 redundancy options

Management and Monitoring

  • Web user interface
  • SNMP monitoring
  • API

Interface Modules

  • 6x slots for hot-swappable processing modules

ASI Streaming

Standard EN50083-9
Impedance 75 Ω
Inputs Or Outputs 4 ports
Maximum Speed Per Interface 216MB/s

IP Streaming

Packet Format DVB transport packets in UDP/IP, RTP/UDP/IP
Traffic Type Unicast or multicast
Maximum IP Streamer Per Module 120
Maximum Streaming Capacity Per Module 394MB/s (DVB scrambling ), 490MB/s (AES scrambling)

DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm Content Protection

Max Service To Be Scrambled Per Module 120 services

QAM Output

Standard ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B and C
QAM Constellations Docsis CM-SP-DRFI-I16-170111 (64, 128, 256)
Symbol Rate 4…7,4 MS/s
Impedance 75 Ω
Maximum Channels 28 channel modulation per module
Output Frequency 50MHz to 1000MHz in 50kHz step

*Contact factory for full system design and quotation.

Ordering Information

EV90FR Digital headend processing 1RU chassis, 6 module slots. AC power supplies sold separately.


EV90-FP EV90 cover plate, must be installed to empty module slots.
EV90FR-PS Power supply module for EV90-FR Frame.
EV90FR-HB-CBL-1FT 1 foot 1+1 backup cable used for heartbeat signaling between EV90 chassis.


EV90IP-60 EV90 IP Module supports 60 IP input streams 60 IP output streams.
EV90IP-4ASI EV90 Quad ASI input Interface, EIT demux.
EV90OP-4ASI EV90 Quad ASI output Interface, EIT mux with 4 IP inputs.
EV90SFP10G-TR13 SFP+10 G Optical SMF 1310 nm, 10km used with EV90 Platform.
EV90MD-(12/16/20/24/28)DVB-C EV90 QAM Modulator, 12/16/20/24/28 QAMs, 1 RF output, DVB processing, EIT multiplex
EV90MD-DVBT EV90 DVB-T Modulator, 1 RF output, DVB processing, EIT multiplex
EV90-EPG EV90 EPG processor module, EPG data storage, EIT data processing.

Software Options

EV90OP-SW-MUX Software option to enable Multiplexing (multiple IP inputs per ASI output port). One license per EV90OP-4ASI module.
EV90IP-SW-MUX Software option to enable Multiplexing. One license per EV90IP-60 and EV90IP-120 module.
EV90OP-SW-SCRAMBLE Software option to enable DVB Simulcrypt scrambling. One license per EV90OP-4ASI module.
EV90IP-SW-SCRAMBLE Software option to enable DVB Simulcrypt scrambling. One license per EV90IP-60 and EV90IP-120 module.
EV90FR-SW-SCRAMBLE Software license to DVB simulcrypt scrambling (enables CAS server connection) for EV90 platform. One license is required per EV90 frame.
EV90FR-SW-Backup Software license to enable 1+1 chassis backup for EV90 platform. One license is required per EV90 frame. Requires EV90-FR-HB-CBL-1FT.
EV90MD-CK-4CH Software option to enable additional 4 QAMs, for up to 28 QAMs.
EV90MD-SW-MUX Software option to enable Multiplexing. One license per EV90MD-xDVB-C
EV90MD-SW-Scramble Software option to enable Scrambling. One license per EV90MD-xDVB-C