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EQT-1616-3G-C is a revolutionary design enclosed in a compact 1RU frame, capable of high-level, integrated functionalities and routing of up to 16x input and 16x output 12Gbps signals. This routing solution was designed with mission-critical 24/7 applications in mind that also require demanding and advanced functional needs.

EQT-1616-3G-C uses format-independent data paths to support digital signals from 1.5-12Gbps. It boasts forward-looking hardware to support integrated functionalities like multiplexing single-link 4K to quad-link UHD and de-multiplexing quad-link UHD to single-link UHD, plus other feature key-enabled functionalities.

Such functionalities include clean and quiet switching, which enables the feature on all 16x outputs and provides seamless video and "popless" audio switching. This is ideal for use in master control UHD applications as a bypass router - or as a simple Master Control router itself, supporting two quad-link UHD deterministically routed or 4x single-link UHD clean and quiet switching paths. Two auxiliary I/O ports can be used for MADI audio to embedded audio on the video bus as another feature key-enabled ability.

Hardware Configuration

EQT-1616-3G-C is housed in a 1RU frame. I/O consists of 16x HDBNC input connectors and 16x HDBNC output connectors on serviceable modules.

Audio Options

EQT-1616-3G-C uses software feature keys to enable two auxiliary DIN connectors for MADI audio embedding and de-embedding, also a internal audio shuffling is available.


EQT-1616-3G-C offers full 12Gbps bandwidth to handle uncompressed UHD single-link signals with a software feature key. Automatic bit rate detection on the input equalizer allows any mix of 12G, 3G, and HD signals in the same unit.

EQT-1616-3G-C has a number of control options:

  • Local Control Panel • This provides easy access to all crosspoints (hardware order option)
  • Remote Control Panel • This provides remote easy access to all crosspoints from an Evertz control panel connected via Ethernet
  • External Third-Party Control • Can be controlled remotely via an external third-party control device, such as an automation system, via Ethernet, serial, or GPI control

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  • 12G-SDI to quad-link 3G-SDI translation
  • Quad-link 3G-SDI to 12G-SDI translation
  • Front panel and remote control panel options available
  • Supports HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI and 2sI quad-Link 12G-SDI
  • Standard redundant power supply
  • Optional clean switch (can be enabled/disabled per output)
  • Locally hosted web page for monitoring, control and configuration
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO Command & Control, SNMP
  • Ethernet ports
  • Serial RS-232/RS-422 ports
  • GPIO ports
  • Software-enabled feature keys for MADI audio embedding/de-embedding and shuffling

Ordering Information

NotesContact the factory for additional ordering options.
EQT-1616-12G-C16x16 12G/3G/HD router, coax with HDBNC I/O, with redundant power supply and software-enabled feature keys (sold separately)
Feature Key Options
NotesContact the factory for additional SFP options.
+C2402Local control panel
EQT-FK-CSClean and quiet switching for all outputs, software-selectable
EQT-FK-12GEnables 12G UHD signal support
EQT-FK-MADIEnables MADI I/O for audio shuffling