Caption Conductor is a flexible IP-based real-time caption management system. Caption Conductor eliminates the need for aging captioning technology and connects your caption encoders with live captioners over IP by use of a simple web-based interface. It replaces old-school telephone lines and analog phone couplers with cutting-edge encrypted digital communications.

Caption Conductor enables captioners to obtain encrypted audio and (optionally) video directly from your program using either Overture™ RT LIVE (ORT) media playout servers - with low latency text for feature-rich closed captions and subtitles - or Evertz' 7825CCE-AUD-3G with audio-to-IP streaming.

For additional flexibility, station engineers are able to monitor live activity on current caption jobs and control all real-time captions from a single simple interface.

Caption Conductor's sophisticated design and flexibility allows broadcasters the ability to deploy a system either on-premise, over a public cloud or a hybrid of both. A pioneer in cloud-based solutions, Evertz has developed Caption Conductor's architecture with advanced capabilities, offering advantages that include reducing on-premise hardware requirements while reducing overall costs and facilitating the process of scaling up caption capabilities to meet growing demands.


  • Reduces cost and complexity by not having to use dedicated analog phone lines and phone couplers for modem and listen-line connections
  • Convenient web-based interfaces for steno-captioners and station engineers
  • Steno-captioners receive program audio and (optionally) video for confidence monitoring over the Internet through the web GUI
  • Provides station engineers with enhanced ability to monitor and control all real-time caption activity from a single user interface
  • Uses TLS encryption and login authentication on public-facing connections, which is more secure than phone lines or a Telnet connection between steno-captioners and caption encoders
  • Compatible with broadcaster's IT security rules that IP devices in the critical video path must be in the "black zone" network
  • Flexible deployment possibilities: on-premise, cloud-based or a hybrid approach; public Internet or via customer-supplied VPN tunnel
  • Compatible with Evertz HD9084 and 7825CCE caption encoders that the broadcaster already owns
  • A single IP address for all captioner connections; one access server can even connect to multiple facilities at different physical locations
  • Simplifies connecting one steno-captioner to multiple caption encoders
  • Simplifies hand-off from one steno-captioner to the next; captioners initially connect in a monitoring-only standby state to verify connection
  • Evertz is working with major caption service providers to ensure that our systems are interoperable
  • Future-proof: new features are constantly being added in anticipation of customer requirements

Full On-Premises Solution

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Full Cloud Solution

Ordering Information

CAPTION-CONDUCTOR-HW Physical server hardware designed for Access Server applications
CC-ACCESS Access Server software, provides the interface to steno-captioner service providers
CC-FACILITY Facility Server software, provides the interface to closed caption encoders and other broadcast facility equipment

Ordering Options

CC-AUDIO Channel audio streaming option for caption conductor
CC-VIDEO Channel video streaming option for caption conductor
CC-ACCESS-LIC-1YR One-year license to operate Access Server software
CC-FACILITY-LIC-1YR One-year license to operate Facility Server software
CC-CHANNEL-1YR Captioner channel license; each installed channel license allows one steno-captioner to connect at a time