The AESIMP-16 series impedance converters allow transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals, with sampling rates ranging from 22kHz to 96kHz, over 75Ω coaxial cables. The conversion transformer changes a balanced 110Ω transmission line to an unbalanced 75Ω transmission line.

The AESIMP-16 series provides twelve XLR-3 type connectors (male or female) on the balanced side and BNC type connector on the unbalanced side.

Two versions of the AESIMP-16 are available. The AESIMP-8F8M gives eight converters in each direction. The AESIMP-1M is a single channel converter. The rack mounting ears may be reversed to orient the panel for the greatest ease of installation. An identification strip holder is provided over the BNC connectors to assist in labeling sources and/or destinations.


Model110Ω Connector75Ω Connector
3 Pin XLR Female3 Pin XLR Male


Number of Channels 16 (1 on AESIMP-1M)
Coupling Transformer
Turns Ratio 1.22:1

Unbalanced AES

Standard SMPTE 276M, single ended AES
Connectors BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Signal Level Approx. balanced level x 0.8, 5V p-p maximum
Impedance 75Ω unbalanced

Balanced AES

Standard AES3-1992 balanced AES
Connectors 3-pin Male XLR (AESIMP-16M) or 3-pin Female XLR (AESIMP-16F)
Signal Level Approx. unbalanced level x 1.22, 5V p-p maximum
Impedance 110Ω balanced


Dimensions 17"W x 1.75"H x 3.75"D
(483mm W x 45mm H x 95mm D)
Depth Including Connectors 4.5"

Ordering Information

AESIMP‑1M In-line transformer with a single BNC to a single male XLR
AESIMP‑1F In-line transformer with a single BNC to a single female XLR
AESIMP‑8F8M 8 Female and 8 Male XLR to BNC AES Impedance Matching Panel
AESIMP‑16F 16 Channel female XLR to BNC AES Impedance Matching Panel
AESIMP‑16M 16 Channel male XLR to BNC AES Impedance Matching Panel