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Senior PCB Designer, India

As a member of the R&D team, you will be challenged with the designing, building and testing of the latest film & television equipment that incorporates the most advanced components available to the industry.

The position is responsible for designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) with medium and high levels of complexity.


  • Use dxdesigner schematic capture files, mechanical drawings, component-specific layout guidelines as input data
  • Create a preliminary plan/sketch of the board
  • Place high density and high quantity of components
  • Assign rules in Constraint Manager
  • Route single ended nets, differential-pair nets, multi-net buses
  • Design Power/Ground planes
  • Run final DRC checks for schematic and layout
  • Create and verify Gerber and ODB++ files for manufacturing
  • Collaborate with and provide feedback to Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, CAD Librarians, other PCB Designers to correct, optimize and speed up the layout process
  • Adapt the layout design techniques to Evertz's manufacturing/assembly requirements


  • Very experienced with Mentor Graphics Expedition VX layout tools
  • Proficient with Mentor Graphics Expedition VX schematic capture tools (dxdesigner, databook)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of complex high-speed and high-density designs, use of blind and buried vias
  • Comprehensive knowledge in placement of electronic architectures using microprocessors and their peripherals such as oscillators, buffers, re-clockers, SDRAM controllers, SRAM, FPGA, DDR3, DDR4 and power management systems
  • Proficient with DRC use and interpretations
  • Good knowledge of how pcbs are manufactured
  • Current understanding of PCB fabrication capabilities
  • Current understanding of design and producibility challenges
  • Working knowledge of applicable IPC standards (IPC-2221, IPC-6012, IPC-6013)
  • Very good problem solving skills with an ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements
  • Very good at using Expedition VX documentation and other Mentor Graphics resources to learn how to use the software's new features
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills

Those with less than 5 years experience, please submit an
unofficial copy of your transcripts with your resume.

Evertz makes certain there is an equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment, including persons with disabilities. In compliance with AODA, Evertz will strive to provide accommodation to persons with disabilities in the recruitment process upon request. If you are selected for an interview and you require accommodation due to a disability during the recruitment process, please notify Human Resources upon scheduling your interview.

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