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The UHD Immersive Experience

Evertz Complete UHD Solutions help you tell an immersive story today!

UHD adoption has taken off and is the next major evolution in home entertainment. Higher resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Colour Gamut (WCG), and Higher Frame Rates (HFR) allow more immersive experiences for the television audience. Getting ready for UHD may seem like a challenge, but solutions are ready today. Evertz has taken the leadership role in the transition from HD/3G to UHD. Take a look and see how Evertz will enable you to tell a better story.

  • End-to-End UHD

    Evertz delivers full UHD solutions for the complete broadcast chain from production to playout.

  • Flexible Formats

    There is a UHD solution for everyone! Evertz has the most comprehensive offerings spanning Quad Link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP (compressed and uncompressed).

  • HDR / WCG Ready

    Support for PQ, (ST2084), HLG, S.Log3 as well as BT2020 prepares you for anything.

  • Clear Path to IP

    No matter what UHD method you use, Evertz has a path to IP that is right for your application.

  • Proven

    Evertz UHD solutions have already been tested and deployed in the field. Have confidence in your system with the proven leaders of 4K / UHD.

  • Reliable Control & Monitoring

    Moving to a new format doesn't have to involve lots of new training. Evertz solutions work with our industry leading MAGNUM, VistaLINK PRO and inSITE software.

UHD - Utilizing QuadLink 3G

  • Multi-Format
    Works with both Square-Division and 2 Sample Interleave (2SI) signal types for maximum flexibility.
  • Simple Integration
    Connect with existing 3G infrastructure equipment and MAGNUM to get your system up and running quickly.
  • Familiar
    Utilizes familiar 3G-SDI interfaces for ease of use.
  • Broad Offerings
    Evertz' extensive 3G-SDI portfolio can be used with UHD deployments.

UHD - Utilizing 12G-SDI

  • Robust SDI interface
    A single cable provides UHD in a well known SDI format and removes the need for quad synchronization.
  • Cable Reduction
    Significantly reduces cable clutter within your facility.
  • Light Weight
    Quickly get UHD production up fast without extra bulk.
  • Exceptional Support
    Obtain full support from SD to UHD using a single cable to carry all existing formats.

UHD - Utilizing IP

  • Ready for 4K, 8K & Beyond
    IP is format agnostic giving you answers for today and tomorrow's ever-changing landscape.
  • Leverage SDVN Ecosystem
    Leverages Evertz' extensive IP portfolio and provides flexible and scalable workflows.
  • Scalable
    10GbE / 25GbE / 100GbE line cards enable you to grow your UHD content more easily than SDI installations.
  • Path to Efficiency
    Provides an opening to the future of agile, virtualized hardware services.

Globally Deployed UHD Solutions

Evertz delivers UHD Solutions that are proven around the world!

  • UHD Replay

    DreamCatcher has provided UHD replay and production for the biggest events around the world and continues to increase it's install base globally.

  • UHD Playout

    Evertz OvertureRT LIVE playout and Mediator automation control systems have enabled customers all over the world to simplify their UHD playout.

  • UHD Infrastructure

    Global customers have used quad 3G-SDI over Evertz 3G-SDI infrastructure (including EQX) with MAGNUM to deliver UHD today.

  • UHD Mobile Production

    12G-SDI production trucks are being deployed in Asia and IP based production vehicles are bringing the big game experience to sports fans across North America.

Ordering Information

Orchestration and Control

MAGNUMUnified Facility Control


EQT16x16-12G16x16 12G/3G/HD/SD Router with Clean and Quiet Switching
EMR-64x64-12G64x64 12G/3G/HD/SD Modular Router
3080IPX SeriesIntegrated Switching Fabric: 16-64 10GE Port with up to 1.5TB/s total Bandwidth
EXE-VSR SeriesUp to 46TB/s EXE Video Service Routing Platform
EQX SeriesEnterprise Hybrid Audio/Video/IP Routing Platform


7800DA8-12G12G/6G/3G/HD/SD 1x8 Reclocking Distribution Amplifier


7814UDX-4KUHD to/From 3G/HD Up-Down-Cross Converters with 4x3G Interface
7800MDM-12G12G to/from Quad-Link 3G Bi-Directional Converter for UHD Signals
7814UDX-4K-12GUHD to/From 3G/HD Up-Down-Cross Converters with 12G Interface


ORT-LIVE-UHDUHD Integrated Playout engine with IP input/output

Clean Switch

7800R2x2-ACS-4K2x2 Advanced clean protection switch, Frame Sync and Delay for Quad-Link UHD Signals


DreamCatcher DC400Dreamcatcher Live Production UHD Replay & Capture System


3067VIP10G Series10G Multi-Image Display Processor Hardware (J2K or baseband) Quad-Link UHD Support
MVIP-IIH.264 or HEVC UHD Stream Monitoring
2430RX SeriesDual JPEG2000 or baseband to HDMI converter


3405R2-12G12G Optical to Electrical Conversion Dual Receiver
3405T2-12G12G Optical to Electrical Conversion Dual Transmitter
7708VB-24-3GHSE24x Port 3G/HD/SD to 40Gbps fiber converter
3606FRUltra High Density Transport Platform

Network Management System

VistaLINK PRONetwork Management System for Enterprise
inSITEData Analytics for System Monitoring


570IPG-3G18x 3G/HD/SD IP Media Gateway
570IPG-12G12G IP Media Gateway
EQX-IP16-IPGEQX Input and IP Gateway Module
EQX-OP16-IPGEQX Output and IP Gateway Module


7880IPG8-10GE2High Density JPEG2000 Encode/decode Platform
3482TXESoftware Defined Accelerated Encoding Platform – H.264 and HEVC UHD solution