Media Transport


Facilities are looking for innovative solutions to optimize the transport of video, audio and data signals. They need solutions that are flexible and scalable which allow them to deliver increasing number of signals (from analog to ASI up to 3G) over dark fiber, SONET/SDH, and/or IP/MPLS networks.

Evertz' Media Transport Solution is the industry's most flexible, scalable and reliable platform on the market today. By leveraging an extensive video processing product line and years of experience in fiber transport, Evertz is able to offer a complete set of options that address the needs of media transport for campus, metro and global network applications. By integrating MAGNUM (unified control) and VistaLINK (network management system), Evertz Media Transport Solution enables facilities to reduce OPEX while maintain simplicity and flexibility to address ever changing media transport needs.

Evertz is committed to delivering superior media transport solutions that support any network topology for WAN, MAN and LAN applications. The table below provides a quick snapshot of the supported signal formats, switching capacity and network protocols.

Signal Access Switching Fabrics Transport Network


  • Analog
  • SD-SDI
  • HD-SDI
  • 3G-SDI


  • Analog


  • Ethernet 10/100/1000/10G


  • T1/E1
  • DS3


  • RS-232/422
  • 24 Gb/s
  • 48 Gb/s
  • 72 Gb/s
  • 144 Gb/s
  • 160 Gb/s
  • 320 Gb/s
  • 640 Gb/s
  • 46 Tb/s
  • DS3/E3
  • OC3/STM-1
  • OC12/STM4
  • OC48/STM16
  • OC192/STM64
  • 1Gig Ethernet
  • 10Gig Ethernet
  • Dark Fiber

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