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  • Leading the IP Revolution

    As the industry migrates towards an IP-centric facility, Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) allows content providers to seamlessly transition from SDI to IP without compromise. Leveraging Evertz high capacity switch fabrics (including EXE and/or 3080IPX) with Evertz MAGNUM unified control system, the SDVN solution can be applied throughout the facility for production, playout and WAN distribution. Evertz' SDVN offers broadcasters, content distributors and service providers a flexible, format agnostic and scalable infrastructure for SD, HD, 3G, and Ultra HD (4K and 8K) video.

  • High Capacity Switch Fabrics

    At the core of SDVN are Evertz high capacity switching fabrics including the 46Tb/s EXE and 3080IPX with up to 1.2Tb/s. Each provide non-blocking and high bandwidth switching of both uncompressed HD/SD-SDI video (over 10GbE) or compressed video (JPEG2000, H.264, or MPEG-2). Both switching fabrics provide low-latency and reliable switching designed to meet the requirements of any live production environment.

  • 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet

    The EXE and 3080IPX utilize a 10Gigabit Ethernet core for optimized distribution. The 10GE connection offers numerous advantages including a reduction in cabling by enabling multiple HD video signals to be transported over a single 10GE cable, native support of fiber optic distribution, the ability to create distributed routing architectures and scale to larger I/O sizes. The 40RU EXE offers up to 2304 ports of 10GE for your large scale facilities, while the 3080IPX comes in a more compact modular form factor offering 16-, 32- and 64-port versions.

  • Orchestration & Control

    For SDVN orchestration and control, Evertz has extended MAGNUM's capabilities to interact with the 10GbE EXE or IPX Switch Fabric as a video router. Evertz MAGNUM control system turns the Ethernet based switch into a virtual video router, offering operations the same exceptional level of control they have come to expect from a traditional SDI router.

  • Flexible & Reliable Control Surfaces

    Operations can seamlessly migrate from an SDI facility to a 10GE facility without replacing their existing Evertz control system. All of Evertz standard control surfaces are still used to control signal routing over 10GE, including smart panels and control surfaces like VUE which now offer new features for SDVN control.

Evertz SDVN supports open formats and standards

As the leader in the transition to IP, Evertz has always advocated for open formats and standards that are proven and widely used in the industry. The industry benefits as a whole with open formats and standards that provide interoperability and remove proprietary solutions. Evertz SDVN solution is format agnostic which handles all formats including: AES67, Video Services Forum (VSF) TR-03 and TR-04, Sony Network Media Interface (NMI), Newtek's Network Device Interface (NDI), and SMPTE 2022-2, 2022-6, and RDD 37. Evertz SDVN switches any format, anywhere.

Evertz is a proud member of the ASPEN Community (, Sony's IP Live Alliance, Newtek's Network Device Interface (NDI), and the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (


The 10/100GbE Facility

Evertz' SDVN architecture is developed around a 10/100Gbps Ethernet core to offer a flexible format agnostic infrastructure that easily supports Ultra HD 4K and 8K video. The 10/100GbE Facility consists of:

  • MAGNUM for SDVN Orchestration and Control
  • EXE and 3080IPX as high capacity switching fabrics from 320Gb/s to 46Tb/s
  • IP Gateway Modules to bridge SDI, ASI and IP workflows
  • Pooled Resources to provide video and audio processing services found in traditional SDI facilities


Using Evertz SDVN

Evertz' SDVN offers content creators, distributors and providers the ability to streamline workflows. Leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the SDVN architecture, Evertz is able to simplify and optimize the management and delivery of video and data over an IP infrastructure. Evertz SDVN can be applied within facilities (for live production and playout), between facilities (as WAN interconnect) or for general transport of video, audio and data.

10/100GE Infrastructure - Key Components

  • High Capacity Switch Fabrics

    EXE40-VSR / EXE28-VSR

    The EXE provides unmatched flexibility and scalability for video transport over IP. The EXE40-VSR features up to 46Tb/s of switching capacity and supports 2304 10GE ports in a single 40RU chassis. Using SMPTE 2022-6 and/or ASPEN, the EXE non-blocking switch fabric supports up to 13,800 uncompressed HD-SDI signals. When compression technology (JPEG2000, H.264, or MPEG-2) is utilized, the number of video streams can reach in the millions. The EXE28-VSR features over 23Tb/s of switching capacity and 1152 ports of 10GE signal processing in a single 28RU chassis..
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    The 3080IPX is built with 1/10GE ports and offers 16, 32 and 64 port options from 320GB/s to 1.2Tb/s bandwidth configurations. It performs low latency fast switching which makes it an ideal solution for video environments.
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  • Video IP Gateways


    With direct conversion of up to 18 3G/HD/SD signals to IP, using SMPTE 2022-6 or ASPEN formatting, the 570IPG-3G18-SFPP12 series delivers unparalleled processing densities. The 570IPG also supports up to 2 audio TDM ports for carrying discrete audio over IP in addition to the primary video.
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  • Audio IP Gateways

    7890AESM-8-IP / 7890AESD-8-IP

    The 7890AESM-8-IP/7890AESD-8-IP provide eight input/output ports that transport balanced / unbalanced AES signals over dual Gigabit Ethernet trunks. These modules facilitate connection to redundant IP trunks and provide automatic switching between a pair of IP links.
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    3080MADI9-TS-10GE-2 / 3080TS-MADI9-10GE-2

    The 3080MADI9-TS-10GE-2, 3080TS-MADI9-10GE-2 form the optimal MADI interface access points for next generation Hybrid Baseband / IP broadcast infrastructures. Features direct easy to follow mapping of 9 MADI signals to/from 144 TS output streams over 10GE.

  • Remote Interfacing - J2K Gateways


    The 3000REM-TX9 and 3000REM-RX9 form the optimal SDI interface access points for next generation Hybrid Baseband / IP broadcast infrastructures. With direct conversion of nine 3G/HD/SD signals to JPEG2000, the REM series delivers unparalleled processing densities.

  • Media IP Gateways


    The 7890MG-10GE2 provides up to 10 input and output interfaces which can be auto sensed as ASI/SD/HD/3G/1GE. To meet SLA requirements, each interface port can also provide automatic, hitless switching between the dual links. In the event of failure or errors of one link, continuity of service remains uninterrupted.
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  • Universal Ingest Transcoding


    The 3080ITXE is built with modern hardware technology, leveraging experience in transport stream processing, MPEG and JPEG2000 codecs. The new modular Ingest Encoder supports 3G/HD/SD SDI or IP/ASI MPEG-2/H.264/JPEG2000 inputs which makes it an ideal component for building content ingest platforms for MSO, DTH, IPTV, Broadcast, Data Centers.
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  • IP to HDMI


    The 2430RX-J2K-IP is a versatile video over IP to HDMI/DVI gateway. This self contained module accepts up to two JPEG2000 over IP streaming inputs. It decodes, processes, color corrects and converts the output to a DVI/ HDMI signal. With integrated auto scaling the 2430RX-J2K-IP device can drive resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200).
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  • Multiviewer


    The new VIP-10G Advanced Multi-Image Display Processors offer multiviewer functionality with up to 32 inputs and up to 2 outputs, all via 10GE. The 3067VIP10G series displays inputs at any size, aspect ratio and position. The 3067VIP10G supports JPEG2000 (-J2k version) and SMPTE 2022-6/ASPEN (-3G version).
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  • Software Defined Accelerated Encoding / Transcoding Platform


    Evertz' 3480TXE is a high quality video processing system that provides video and audio encoding/transcoding for both file workflows as well as live streaming to various media platforms. The platform's flexible architecture utilizes both software and hardware acceleration to allow for superior video quality and density, while maintaining flexibility.
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  • Network Address Translation


    Controlled by the industry leading VistaLINK® PRO, the 3080IPG-NAT-2-10GE is a high density NAT (Network Address Translator) used specifically for video applications. The 3080IPG enables the bridging of two IP networks by translating IP addresses of one network to another. When datagrams from one network enter into the inbound port of the NAT, the addresses in these datagrams are translated, and then delivered to a second network connected to the outbound port of the NAT.

Orchestration & Management

Evertz' MAGNUM unified facility control system is at the orchestration and control layer of the SDVN solution. MAGNUM manages the signal flow of video, audio and data packets over a network consisting of Evertz 10/100GE EXE and 3080IPX switch fabrics, a series of IP media gateways including 570IPG and 3000REM, and Evertz traditional SDI products such as EQX and 7812 series.

MAGNUM gives the operator full control over the switching and routing of signal flows. In comparison to traditional networking equipment where the control and data plane reside on the same routing switch, MAGNUM has the added benefit of being separate from the date plane which results in simplified workflows. MAGNUM examines the network as a whole to determine and manage the signal flow across the most optimal path.

MAGNUM bridges the control between legacy SDI and next generation IP systems to provide seamless control across all platforms. Leveraging existing physical router control surfaces and/or VUE (Evertz customizable control interface), MAGNUM enables operators to interact with SDI/IP hybrid infrastructures or exclusively IP solutions to execute the source to destination operations performed in traditional baseband environments. MAGNUM is truly the heart and brains of Evertz SDVN solution.

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All of the SDVN hardware elements are SNMP enabled and monitored through Evertz VistaLINK SNMP networked monitoring software. VistaLINK is an enterprise grade SNMP management solution that monitors, controls and automatically analyzes failures in the system. VistaLINK PRO's graphical web client allows for intuitive visualization of a system with intuitive fault notification. The SDVN components report their status to VistaLINK PRO where from a single workstation the health of the entire system can be monitored and observed.

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