Playout & Media Management


The delivery of content is evolving. Consumers of content now use linear and non-linear methods for their content. Thus, traditional broadcast facilities that use discrete components to transmit content are moving towards a file and IT-based delivery architecture.

There are other factors that drive this migration, with the reduction of operational cost and time to market of new channels and delivery to new customer platforms at the top of that list. To accomplish this, facilities need to simplify their workflow and the complexity of their delivery path.

Evertz' Playout and Content Management solutions offer a new eco-system for content delivery. Moving from a traditional model to an IT-based one requires a truly integrated solution. Evertz' integrated solution allows content providers to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs by simplifying workflows and publishing to both linear and non-linear platforms. Evertz' Playout and Content Management solution also scales from a single-channel application to a large multi-channel playout facility.


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