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OvertureRT LIVE The Ultimate Playout Solution

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With convergence of traditional broadcast and IT-based technologies, integrated playout solutions are becoming the core of the Master Control environment. These playout and branding platforms need to be economical, scalable, and reliable. The OvertureRT LIVE offers broadcast facilities a cost-effective and scalable playout solution that meets these needs. With deployment options that range from video appliances to private cloud VMs and public cloud VMs, the platform is adaptable for current and future Master Control applications. The OvertureRT LIVE platform provides solutions for baseband, IP or hybrid environments. With full support for SD, HD, 3G and UHD applications, it provides facilities with an economical path to migrate from baseband infrastructure to IP. With unmatched levels of integration, the OvertureRT LIVE removes the need for additional downstream processing gear, thus reducing rack space, power, and cooling requirements.

  • True Integrated Playout

    Combining all the elements of the playout chain into one integrated solution.

  • Proven

    Overture RT Live is a proven leader in Integrated Playout. This Robust product is used at broadcasters around the world.

  • Scalable/Future Proof

    The platform is scalable and future proof supporting SD/HD/3G/UHD within SDI and IP environments.

OvertureRT LIVE Internal Pipeline


  • Multiple I/O with HDR Support
    SDI (UHD/3G/HD/SD), IP Compressed (H264/MPEG2), IP Uncompressed (ASPEN, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6).
  • Multiple Frame Rate Support
    UHD, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 625i, 525i.
  • Advanced Ancillary Data Processing
    608/708 Captions, OP42/OP47 Subtitles, DVB Subtitles, AFD (SMPTE 2016), Timecode, SCTE 104, V-Chip/XDS.
  • Advanced Video Processing
    Up/Down/Cross Conversion, AFD based scaling.
  • Advanced Audio Processing
    Dolby E/D/DD+ Encode/Decode, Upmixing, Downmixing, Intelligain (Audio Loudness Control for CALM/EBU-R128), Audio Shuffling, Neilsen Watermarking, Kantar Watermarking.
  • Delayed Playout/Secondary Records
    Realtime playout with simultaneous playlist records. Delayed playout with user configurable delay.

Graphic Features

  • Native full screen graphic playout
  • Support for MOV, JPG, PNG, BMP, OXI & more
  • Full DVE support
  • Lower third graphics support
  • 3D graphic support
  • Dynamic video & text updates
  • Schedule driven graphics
  • RSS feed driven text updates
  • Linear Key and Fill
  • Countdown/Deadline timer support


  • Unleash the power of Overture RT
    Direct Integration with OvertureRT LIVE unleashes the full power that can be obtained from a truly integrated system
  • World Class MAM and Automation
    Mediator's World Class MAM and Automation has been deployed to media companies across the world
  • Rich Interface - HTML5 Ready
    Mediator-X's Rich User Friendly Interface is HTML5 Ready and is accessible through any Web Browser
  • Rich Traffic Interfaces
    Full XML Schedule and As Run Data Support ie. BXF, PXF, CSV, TXT, LST and more
  • Dynamic Instance Management
    In a VM environment, Mediator-X can spin up and spin down resources for 'Pop Up' Channels
  • MAM and NLD
    Monetize your assets multiple times by combining linear and non-linear delivery in one system

Mediator-X Playlist View

System Architectures

Today's workflows requires an Integrated Playout solution with seamless integration between hardware specific and virtualized environments. OvertureRT LIVE offers a platform agnostic (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Prem) and economical solution for today's Master Control applications. With support for a variety of automation protocols and I/O formats, the OvertureRT LIVE is the ideal vehicle for upgrading facilities to meet current and future needs.

Ordering Information

OvertureRT LIVE

OVRT-LIVE-1UOvertureRT Playout Server. 1RU form factor, SDI I/O
OVRT-LIVE-2UOvertureRT Playout Server. 2RU form factor, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110, ASPEN
OVRT-LIVE-4KOvertureRT Playout Server. 3RU form factor, SMPTE 2022-6, SDI I/O, ASPEN
OVRT-LIVE-VMOvertureRT Playout Software. Deployable on Public & Private Clouds

Video Options
OV-COMPRESSED-IO-MP2-H264Compressed MP2 or H264 I/O
OV-UDCInternal Up/Down/Cross Conversion
OV-SIMUSimultaneous HD/SD output
Ancillary Data Options
OV-CC608/708 Caption Insertion
OV-OP4247OP42/OP47 Subtitle Insertion
OV-DVBMUXDVB Muxed Subtitles
OV-DVBSTLDVB Subtitle Generation
OV-DVBSTL-ADDLNGAdditional DVB Languages
Graphics Options
OV-DVEFull DVE Support
OV-DS-RSSDynamic RSS Feed Processing
OV-TEMPLATEOvertureRT Template Creation tool
Infrastucture Data Options
OV-NENeilsen Encoding/Watermarking
OV-VCHIPV-Chip/XDS Insertion
OV-SCTE104SCTE104 Insertion
OV-DS-EASEmergency Alert System support
Audio Options
OV-AUD-IGIntelliGain for compliance with the CALM ACT/EBU R128
OV-AUD-AC3EAC3 Encoding
OV-AUD-DDDolby D/DD+ Encode/Decode
OV-AUD-DEEDolby E Encode/Decode
OV-AUD-DMXAudio Downmix
OV-AUD-UMXAudio Upmix