Live Production


Increasingly complex workflows, staffing reductions, as well as size and space constraints, are all challenges faced by media broadcasters today. Evertz offers high performance and cost effective solutions that optimize workflow and improve efficiency to address these challenges. Evertz' Live Production solution provides a highly flexible and reliable architecture that scales from a single source to thousands of video/audio signals, while maintaining simplicity for control.

At the heart of Evertz Live Production solution is MAGNUM, a next-generation control system that unifies the control of all the elements found in production facilities, including:

In combination with VistaLINK, Network Management software, VUE optimizes task oriented workflow. VUE is a consolidated control client with near field monitoring and advanced control capabilities. VUE is a flexible and intuitive interface that has proven itself as an essential tool within live production as it brings together all the components within the facility.


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