Telecom & IPTV

Telecom-IPTV Applications

For telecom and IPTV operators, Evertz offers a comprehensive range of products to deliver content to their subscribers. From the signal reception from content providers to the satellite transmission, Evertz provides a solution that includes:

Evertz offers a turn-key solution that provides telecom and IPTV providers a feature-rich architecture that offers high video quality and density. Evertz solutions allow telecom and IPTV providers to maximize existing infrastructure while preparing for the addition of new services in the future. The solution is monitored and managed using VistaLINK NMS. This comprehensive network management systems, when combined with MAGNUM and VUE, provide telecom and IPTV providers the ability to improve operations efficiency. Evertz solutions are applicable to any tier of service, including top tier to the cost effective one, and is Microsoft Mediaroom certified.

IPTV Headend Delivery for Main Screen