GPI Transmission System

GPI Evertz offers a system to encode and decode General Purpose Inputs (GPI's or Contact Closures) via VITC. The generator will generate time code in VITC and will encode the status 5 GPI's in the user bits. This system can be utilized for remote control and remote signaling applications where time code transmission may or may not also be necessary. The full complement of analog and serial digital generators and decoders are available. This system can be used for internal plant as well as remote transmission applications. Integrated with the plant automation system, master control can now extend it's control to remote affiliate sites. Recent applications have been for providing signaling affiliates/remote broadcast centers on imminent commercial slots and simple machine control. The encoder allows the insertion of VITC optionally into the first few lines of active video for specific applications requiring signal over a compressed transmission path (MPEG).


GPI Diagram 1 GPI Diagram 2