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128x128 Protected RF Router/Matrix Switch

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The XPRF platform is a wideband, non-blocking, full fanout RF router for signals from 850MHz to 2.3GHz including L-Band and other applications. While housed in a compact 14RU chassis, the XPRF14-128x128 makes no compromises on features, performance and most importantly, reliability. For system requirements above 128x128, multiple units may be combined up to 2048x2048.


With satellite bandwidth at a premium, higher order modulation schemes and coding rates afford the ability to pack more data throughput in less RF bandwidth. In order to realize these gains, increased RF signal quality is required for signal demodulation and recovery. As the RF router is the heart of the facility's RF distribution system, it must not impair the signals passing through it, but rather must preserve the quality of these signals from input to output. Evertz understands the needs of modern facilities to take advantage of the latest modulation technologies, and what this means to the importance of signal quality and the impact on recoverability of signals. The XPRF14-128x128 is designed with signal quality as a top priority and is the industry's best performing large-capacity router with superior frequency response, isolation, return loss and linearity.

All active components (including fans) on the XPRF14-128x128 are modular, front-accessible and hot-swappable. No cables ever need to be removed and no rear access to the router is required to service any module. Every active module in the unit has redundancy, including input/output/midpoint cards, fan modules, power supplies and controllers. When system expansion is required above 128x128, the XPRF14-128x128 offers built-in gain, which allows the use of passive splitters and combiners. These passive devices do not affect system reliability compared to architectures without available gain that employ added points of failure through active splitters and combiners.

LNB Power
The XPRF14-128x128 is the only large-scale RF router on the market to offer optional integrated LNB power, individually controllable on all 128 inputs. The LNB power supplies are redundant and hot-swappable, and feature individual active current protection per port. This protection features automatic recovery, so there are never any fuses to replace. LNB current is also individually monitored on each port, with adjustable alarm thresholds providing a means of monitoring LNB health and providing advanced warning of failure.

Maximum Uptime
The RF router is typically installed early on in a facility's signal chain in downlink applications, and closer to the end of the signal chain in uplinks. In either case, it is normally a device with a large amount of the facility's revenue-generating signals flowing through it. Fast, automatic response to problems ensures that this revenue is maintained and downtime costs are not incurred. The XPRF14-128x128 provides an unprecedented level of signal protection. Sophisticated self-diagnostics monitor signal paths in the router. In the event that there is any fault detected, the router will quickly and automatically re-route the signal to maintain continuity. This offers total protection of incoming and outgoing feeds and the revenue they generate.

Monitoring and Control
Advanced router control solutions are a core product at Evertz, which extend to the XPRF14-128x128 platform. Multiple intuitive control interface options are available including an integrated 19" touch screen display; largest in its class. Web browser provides quick and easy access to all router controls. Evertz Magnum unified facility control system allows integration of the XPRF14-128x128 into efficient end-to-end facility control systems. The advanced VUE customizable graphical control solution supports technologies such as touch screens, single and multi-touch interfacing and widgets, providing a highly efficient and effective control surface. A host of advanced touch-screen and x-y style control panels are also available. SNMP capability can be used to integrate 3rd party M&C systems or Evertz' own VistaLINK PRO software. For additional 3rd party support, the 7700R-SC-BRC protocol translator can bridge a number of 3rd party control systems, while integral serial and Ethernet interfaces provide further options. A built in spectrum analyzer with automatic routing allows the operator to monitor the feeds right on the touch screen display as well on PC using web browser. The XPRF14-128x128 presents all of these interfaces with a host of controls including routes, gain and threshold adjustments as well as monitoring parameters such as self-diagnostic information, RF power levels and LNB current values.


Notes* All specifications over specified bandwidth unless noted
** High Performance models available for enhanced RF specifications
Matrix Sizes8x8 to 128x128 in a 14RU frame, 2048x2048 maximum expanded system size, systems may be square or non-square in size
System ExpansionInputs or outputs are expandable in increments of 8, expansion beyond 128x128 requires additional frames and external splitting/combining
Impedance75Ω (50Ω optional)
Connector TypeBNC (SMA and F-type also available)
Input Gain Range-15dB to +15dB in 1dB steps
Output Gain Range-30dB to +30dB in 1dB steps
Redundancy100% protection of all routes simultaneously with redundant input, mid and output modules.(optional)
RF Specifications
Bandwidth850MHz to 2450MHz
Frequency Response±1.5dB typ. ±2.0dB max
±0.25dB typ. ±0.5dB max over any 36MHz bandwidth
Isolation> 65dB output to output
> 65dB input to input
> 60dB input to output
RF Input Power-5dBm to -55dBm
Max RF Output Power-5dBm
Input P1dB0dBm
OIP3> +12dBm
Return Loss> 17dBm typ. > 14dB min. (Input and Output)
Noise Figure< 21dB @ 0dB system gain
Group Delay< 2.0ns
Gain Tracking±2.0dB
LNB Power
Voltage18V DC, off (selectable)
ProtectionActive: short circuit, overload
Communication & Control
SerialRS-232/RS-422 selectable - Female 9-pin D connector
EthernetSNMP, Quartz Protocol, Web Browser
Panels19" Integrated touch screen panel, CP2116-E, CP2232-E via direct Ethernet connection, other Evertz panels over Ethernet through Magnum or Magnum SE
SoftwareVistaLINK PRO SNMP NMS, VUE Configurable graphics environment
AC InputAuto ranging, 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Number5 (3 for router power, 2 for LNB power)
ConnectorIEC 60320-1 per power supply
Dimensions14RU 24.5"H x 19"W x 18.5"D
(622mm H x 483mm W x 470mm D)

Ordering Information

NotesContact Evertz sales for matrix sizes from 8x8 to 2048x2048.
Evertz will customize a package for your specific application.
Please specify the desired matrix size, connector type preference and whether or not LNB Power is required.
XPRF14-128x128128x128 Protected RF Router/Matrix Switch
XPRF14-PSRedundant/spare power supply
XPRF14-LNB128128 channel LNB power supply module
XPRF14-FCRedundant/spare frame controller
PKGXPRF14-FMSpare fan module
XPRF14-LCPIntegrated touch screen display
XPRF-FC-SAIntegrated spectrum analyzer