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Based on MAGNUM's Router control module, MAGNUM-SE-R32P is a router control system designed for smaller routing systems. Using a web based configuration GUI, MAGNUM-SE-R32P supports real time programming, panel designing, and a host of other features which make system management easier and more powerful than ever before. The web based GUI also provides real time feedback about the system including device status, panel status, etc. MAGNUM-SE-R32P is provided on a rack mountable hardware bracket that will allow for side by side mount of a redundant control module or a control panel.

Key Benefits
  • Compact, rack mountable hardware controller
  • Supports all Evertz® Routers (up to 576 sources or destinations)
  • Support for up to 32 Ethernet based Evertz® control panels
  • Web based configuration with a single user interface
  • Robust: Linux based operating system, multi node cluster with automatic failover with the addition of a second MAGNUM-SE-R32P
  • Centralized Management: One interface to manage devices, names, and control panels
  • Seamless Reconfiguration: Targeted Configuration changes with minimal impact on the operation of the system
  • Web Interface: No software to install. Configure and manage MAGNUM-SER32P from anywhere using only a web browser from your computer or mobile device
Supported Configuration
  • 576 x 576 total sources / destinations or a max of 4 routers contributing to the port total of 576 x 576
  • 32 Ethernet based Evertz® control panels
  • 7 Profiles
  • 3 Name Sets
  • 5 levels
  • 15 salvos
  • 2 Third Party Interfaces (Requires additional 7700R-SC-BRC if protocol translation is required)

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EthernetGigabit, 2 x RJ45
Single Power Supply, VoltageAuto ranging, 100 ⇔ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power60 watts
SafetyTUV Listed, complies with EU safety directives
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15 Class A regulations
Complies with EU EMC directive
Dimensions8.10" W x 5.20" H x 8.70" D

Ordering Information

MAGNUM-SE-R32PSmall Router Control System
CP-3100E-RMB3RU rack mount bracket kit for MAGNUM-SE-R32P, includes 1 blank plate. Supports two (2) MAGNUM-SE-R32P controllers which are field installed