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ATOM-Super 82 is a high definition digital video recorder that can record up to 2x 3G/HD/SD-SDI input video signals on 8x individual USB drives. The ATOM-USB Series has been designed in to provide a simple, quick and efficient video recorder for high performance confidence video and audio recording including sports and studio productions, music events, compliance recordings, medical, military, aviation and security applications.

The distinctive ATOM-Super 82 is a professional two-channel USB video recorder for low cost, high quality recording applications. The ATOM range uses an innovative architecture for recording SDI signals up to 1080p60 and encoding and storing them on any USB drive for later use. Using the USB format drives means that files can be universally used for played back with the widest array of devices such as PCs and notebooks, computers, televisions, motor vehicles and more.

ATOM-Super 82 has 2x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs each with 4x USB drive slots. As this product is designed for broadcast use it has an inherent robustness and reliability in excess of its competitors. The dual power connectors provide redundancy while also further enhancing reliability.

Internally, similar attention is paid to data storage reliability as the powerful internal processors intelligently and dynamically adjust and optimise the data transfer speed to the storage media. This ensures that the storage drives are driven within their specific data transfer capabilities which in turn ensures optimum reliability for video recording.

The extensive technical research and testing behind ATOM-Super 82 has proven that the unique data transfer techniques deployed are crucial to achieving the most reliable recordings time after time, with matched, synchronous audio and video data storage.

Up to 8x USB sticks can be recorded simultaneously with user adjustable record bit rate up to 10MB/s. While the recording duration is dependent upon the capacity of the USB connected drives and data record rate, the system will automatically calculate the maximum record duration and time remaining with the countdown timer displayed on the respective channel on the GUI. While initially designed for USB drives any USB connected drives can be used and therefore enable recordings can even be in excess of 1000 hours* (1Tb drive at 2MB/s gives approx. 1000 hours of storage).

ATOM video recorders have been designed in collaboration with users resulting in them being both the fastest and easiest to use. There are no complicated menus, just simply insert a USB drive, press the REC button and the red halo LED flashes indicating that recording is in progress. Where users want to tailor the recording parameters then the extensive web browser GUI enables bit rate, file naming and time and date data variables to be preset prior to recording.

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  • Auto sensing 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs with looping outputs
  • 2x separate USB record channels
  • 8x USB drive slots
  • High quality H.264 codec, user set, 1-10Mbs
  • Simple to use, one-press recording
  • Time remaining countdown display on GUI
  • ATOM Stop - automatic end-of-drive warning
  • Extensive GUI for user set up & control
  • Modular design in 1RU, up to 8x USB drives
  • High reliability video/audio recordings
  • Compact with redundant power option


USBUSB 2.0, high speed
> 10MB/s sustained data rate
CodecPreset for 5MB/s, user adjustable from 1 – 10MB/s via GUI
BitrateMOV and MPEG-4* with 48kHz AAC audio
File Format.TS file format
Video Inputs
Input (up to 2)2x 3G/HD/SD-SDI with looping output
Ethernet1x RJ-45
Power Input, DC10V-24V DC on 2.5mm connector with screw lock
Power Consumption11-20W, subject to model
Case FinishSilver/Grey
Dimensions17.3" W x 1.7" H x 13.8" D
(440mm x 44mm x 350mm)

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ATOM-Super 822-channel USB video recorder; records to up to 8x USB memory drives