Evertz Hardware Platforms

  • EMX6-FR / EMX3-FR Router Multiframes

    The Evertz EMX Series Router Multiframes house modules from the EMR router series. The EMR is a multi-format modular router that provides a high density solution without compromising functionality. The EMR provides a unified platform for routing video as well as other formats. The EMR uses a proprietary X-Link interface to produce a video router that is both cost effective and powerful.

    The EMX6-FR Router Multiframe is a 6RU frame designed with 15 slots. The EMX3-FR Router Multiframe is a 3RU frame designed with 5 slots.

    1. EMR Audio Router
    2. EMR Video Router
    3. EMX 6RU Multiframe Layout Tool
    4. EMX 3RU Multiframe Layout Tool
  • 7800 / 7700 Series - Multiframe

    The Evertz 7800FR & 7801FR Multiframes are ideal solutions to today's vast video and audio processing and distribution requirements. They provide flexibility in handling the requirements of HDTV as well as SDTV and Analog signals. The Multiframes support hot extraction of modules from the front without compromising the performance of other modules, even at 1.5Gb/s.

    The 7800FR Multiframe is a 3RU frame designed with 15 slots. The 7801FR Multiframe is a 1RU frame designed to house up to 4 single or 2 dual slot modules of various configurations. The S7701FR standalone enclosure is also available for most single and dual slot modules.

    The new 350FR is a portable 3RU, half-width chassis with a main power supply and optional redundant PSU, and 7 slots for housing various modules. Two 350FR frames can be rack mounted using an optional tray.

    1. 7700 / 7800 Series Modules
    2. 7800FR Multiframe Layout Tool
    3. 7801FR Multiframe Layout Tool
    4. 350FR Portable Multiframe Layout Tool
    5. Bulk Frame Layout Tool
  • 500 Series - High Density EXPONENT Frame

    The Evertz 500FR Compact Distribution Frame is an ideal solution for today's vast digital video distribution requirements. It handles the high-speed requirements of HDTV as well as Analog and SDTV signals. The frame design allows extraction of modules from the front without compromising performance even at 1.5Gb/s. The 500FR Compact Distribution Frame is a 3RU frame designed to house up to 16 single slot modules.

    1. 500 Series Modules
    2. 500FR exponent Frame Layout Tool
    3. Bulk Frame Layout Tool
  • 3000 Series - MVP® Frame

    The MVP® revolutionizes the multi-display marketplace with a highly flexible, intuitive, simple and comprehensive approach to virtual wall monitoring and display applications.

    The MVP® is the next generation of Multi-Image Display Processor Technology, boasting the most flexible & feature-rich platform available, making it ideal for all applications where video/audio monitoring & display are required. The MVP® architecture is revolutionary in its approach, as it does not use a PC platform at the core of its operation.

    1. MVP Product Page
  • 5000 & 9000 Series - Fixed Function Frames

    • 5000 & 9000 Fixed Function Frame

    The Evertz 5000 & 9000 series frames are compact 1RU and 2RU frames with front panel control and a range of functions. Redundant power supplies are optional for fixed function frames.

  • 2400 Series - Miniature Modules

    • 2400 Miniature Modules

    The 2400 series miniature modules are ideal for use in portable situations where a small form factor, rugged enclosure and high performance operation are required.