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Xenon Router Layout Tool

Using the Xenon Router Layout Tool you can design a multi-format router – up to 128x128 – which best fits your unique needs.

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Layout Guidelines

A 4RU Xenon frame can contain 4 horizontal modules or fins, while an 8RU frame can contain 8 fins. Frames are filled with fins from the top down, with video fins above audio fins. If you need space for more Input and Output fins, click the Switch to 8RU frame button to expand the number of slots.

It is important to note that in each 4RU group, the Input fins reside in the top and bottom slots, while the Output fins occupy the center slots.

Use the Base Frame menu to select a starting point, then use the menus on each slot to select additional fins. After you select a fin, you will be shown an image of the associated rear panel. You may change your selections at any time, just click the panel to flip back to the select menu.


Each Xenon frame comes standard with one (4RU) or two (8RU) non-redundant power supplies, one controller module and one reference module. You may add redundancy to any of these options by selecting one or more of the three checkboxes.

Additional options are available for modules in certain Input or Output configurations. If such options are available, the Options button to the right of each slot's menu will activate. Click this button to view and select from the available per-module options.

For each fiber I/O panel selected, up to 16 SFP accessory modules can be selected.

Completing a Frame

Pressing the View Complete Frame button will take you to a printer-friendly page displaying a rear-panel diagram of the Xenon frame you have built. From this page, you can either return to the editing page, or choose to email the output to a selected Sales Agent for quotation purposes.

The data you submit using this form will be stored for 90 days, and a link to bookmark the output will be provided. The link will also allow you to continue editing a frame from where you left off.

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Completed Xenon Router Layout ~ 4RU

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In order to receive a quote, or to send a pre-ordered configuration to your selected sales agent, use the Send button below.

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