From LNB to IRD, Evertz ® offers a range of products for RF signal reception, distribution, routing, fiber transport, amplification, slope compensation, protection switching, and LNB power. Solutions are available to cover extended L-Band, over-the-air DTV, 70/140MHz, and other signal ingest or uplink applications.

Distribute, Transport & Receive

Transport data via Evertz’ fiber transmitters and receivers.

Distribute data via Evertz’ splitters and amplifiers.

Receive data via Evertz’ demodulators and IRDs.

Fiber Transmitters and Receivers

Evertz RF transport products allows operators to send RF signals over fiber from distant facilities without compromising valuable CNR and signal levels. This platform also facilitates site-diversity as well as antenna sharing. With optional redundancy configurations, this platform facilitates site-diversity as well as antenna sharing. The wideband models extend its capabilities for L-Band, extended/stacked L-Band, Over-the-air DTV, FM etc. applications.

  • Short/Long Haul
  • Site Diversity
  • Path Diversity
  • Antenna Sharing
  • Multiplexing/De-multiplexing
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Wideband
  • 13/18VDC + 22KHz on/off
  • Manual and AGC gain control
  • Dual channel options
  • Modular, hot swappable
  • Standalone

Splitters and Amplifiers

Modular Series: Evertz ® RF, signal distribution, bypass protection, switching, amplification, and LNB power products feature high performance and advanced features such as RF power monitoring, adjustable gain and SNMP monitoring & control. This is combined with the benefits of the 7700/7800 Series modular hardware platform. 15 slots for front-loading, hot swappable modular cards are backed by the security of redundant, hot swappable power supplies. This provides high reliability, density and easy system expansion, reconfiguration and maintenance unmatched by non-modular products. All modular products feature the ability to plug and unplug cards without removing any of the electrical or fiber cabling at the rear of the frame.

  • 4/8/16/32- way active splitters
  • 2/4/8/16- way passive splitters
  • Dual channel LNB power inserters
  • Dual channel Line Amplifiers

Demodulators and IRDs

Evertz 788xDM and 788xIRD is the basis of a professional platform for receiving, demodulating and decoding digital DVB signals. With a compact, modular form-factor the 788xDM and 788xIRD represents one of the highest density and most flexible solutions in the industry. An innovative removable front control panel and 1RU chassis allow the IRD to be packaged in the traditional IRD form-factor, while maintaining all of the benefits of modularity.

  • DVB-S/S2/S2x
  • DVB- T/T2/C/C2
  • ISDB-T
  • MPEG-2, H.264
  • 4:2:0, 4:2:2
  • 8-bit, 10-bit
  • MPEG Layer II, Dolby, AC3
  • BISS - 1/E
  • Dual DVB-CI
  • ASI and IP Inputs Outputs
  • PID Filtering
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Modular

Downlink & Uplink

Simulsat is the world’s only true full-arc multiple satellite antenna that is capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35 or more satellites simultaneously, without adjustment or degradation in performance from one satellite to the next. Simulsat is 2° compliant with the ability to capture signals from all C & Ku Band satellites within a 70° view arc.

Available in 2 different size and performance variations, the Simulsat is the ultimate solution for Broadcasters, Cable Television, Universities/Distance Learning, Television and Radio, Military/Government and Business Corporations with multiple satellite reception requirements worldwide.

Additionally, Evertz provides end-to-end uplink services with its satcom partner, ATCi.

Simulsat 5B

  • Performs equivalent to 4.5 Meter C-Band Prime Focus
    Parabolic Antennas
  • Performs equivalent to 2.4 Meter Ku-Band Prime Focus
    Parabolic Antennas
  • Requires Less Space - Takes up the same space as 3 parking spaces

Simulsat 7A

  • ATCi’s Latest Advanced Model.
  • More Arc Coverage - Receives, with uniform performance, signals from all satellites within a 70° - 75° view arc.
  • Performs equivalent to 6m C-Band Parabolic Prime Focus Antennas
  • Performs equivalent to 2.4m Ku-Band Parabolic Prime Focus Antennas

Modulate & Manage

The 7780MD series is the basis of a professional platform for modulating and uplinking digital DVB signals. With its modular form-factor and support for DVB-S/S2/S2x standards with DVB-CID features, this platform represents one of the highest density and future proof solution in the industry. Standard support for IP and ASI inputs allows the users to use this platform in multiple work flows.It can be housed in 1RU chassis with a local front panel or in a 3RU chassis to provide additional density.

The 7780MD series modulator when paired with Evertz professional encoder provides an integrated encoder modulator solution in a
1RU package.

RF Monitoring

VistaLINK ® PRO is an advanced end-to-end network management system (NMS) for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV industry. VistaLINK ® PRO provides a single interface to manage the entire operational ecosystem to allow for reduction in operational expenditures (OPEX) and increase in quality of service.

VistaLINK ® PRO enables operators to monitor and manage complex systems more effectively than before. VistaLINK ® PRO offers a wide range of functionality including web access, fault management, configuration management, alarm/event notification, report and log management, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, user-defined graphic views/dashboards, scheduling and automation, auto-response,
and much more.


Evertz offers the most advanced and comprehensive RF signal matrices which are built upon reliable, modular and hot swappable architecture ensuring signal continuity for 24x7 mission critical application. With thousands of small and large scale installs, this platform is the industry’s number 1 choice when it comes to RF switching applications. Evertz RF platform serves Major Teleports, Earth Stations, Broadcasters and Headends across the globe.

Starting from a small 4x4 modular 7800 chassis-based configuration, the 7800R-4x4RF platform is available in various square or non-square configurations with software expansion up to 8x16 (i.e. 4x16, 16x8, etc. also available). The XRF1A features 8x8 and 16x16 in a 1RU, scalable up to 32x32. The XRF6 is a modular RF router with intra-frame expansion of 64x64 and beyond with multiple chassis.. The medium size XRF4 router is also modular with intra-frame expansion of 64x128 and beyond using multiple frames. The XRF4 also features an integrated touch screen interface for user friendly monitoring and control of the matrix. For custom Fan-In, Fan-Out switching applications, Evertz offers a wide range of solutions such as the 7800R-4x4, XRF4, and more.

The latest and largest in Evertz routing series is the XPRF-XL, capable of a 128x256 configuration in a single 14RU chassis. Alike the rest of Evertz RF router platforms, the XPRF Series features a flexible solution allowing custom configurations for any symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements. In addition to its unique features such as Input, Output, and Mid-Point redundancy, this platform also features an integrated 19" touch screen interface with spectrum analyzer display.

All Evertz RF routers are further expandable using passive splitters/combiners and feature RF gain control, optional LNB power supply and Fiber input using 2307LR miniature receiver.

  • Redundant
  • Reliable
  • LNB Power and 10 MHz
  • Fiber Input
  • Expandable
  • High Performance
  • Advanced Control
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer
  • Signal Monitoring
  • RF Gain
  • Modular/Hot swappable


SmartMON -enabled products relay important monitoring information such as RF input power, temperature, LNB current and other parameters from the fiber transmitter to the receiver, inband using the connected fiber. This means that the fiber transmitter can be conveniently monitored without requiring its own separate data connection.

Ordering Information



Outdoor Integrated RF Fiber Transmission System


Wideband RF Fiber Transmitter w/ VistaLINK ® Monitoring & SmartMON


Wideband RF Fiber Receiver w/ VistaLINK ® & SmartMON


Dual L-Band/Wideband RF Fiber Transmitter with VistaLINK ® &


Dual L-Band/Wideband RF Fiber Receiver with VistaLINK ® &


Miniature L-Band/Wideband Fiber Optic Receiver


L-Band Outdoor Fiber Transmitter with VistaLINK ® & SmartMON



40MHz to 3GHz RF 1x8 and 1x16 Active Splitter


Dual Port LNB Power Inserters


2x1 RF Protection Switch


RF Amplifier with Slope Compensation


40MHz to 3GHz RF 1x4 Active Splitter


16-channel 1x2 RF splitter/combiner in 1RU chassis, 75Ω BNC connectors


64-channel 1x2 RF splitter/combiner in 3RU chassis, 75Ω BNC connectors



1RU 16x16 RF Router with LNB power supply


6RU 64x64 RF matrix with modular input and output modules, dual controller and power supply.


14RU 128x128 RF matrix with modular input, mid and output modules, dual controller and power supply.



Professional DVBS/S2 MPEG2/H.264 SD/HD Integrated Receiver Decoders


DVB-S2 Quad Demodulator with L-Band Input


8VSB/QAM Demodulator with RF Input


Eight channel FM demodulator with quad RF inputs, ASI and IP output



DVB-S/S2/S2x L-Band and IF Satellite Modulators


Integrated encoder modulator platform with HD-SDI input and ASI,IP and RF output.

Optical Signal Distribution


1RU, 10 slot frame for optical distribution modules


Quad 1x2 optical distribution module


Dual 1x4 optical distribution module


1x8 optical distribution module

Optical System Components

Evertz ® offers a range of components required for complete fiber transport systems:

7705CWDM Series

4, 8 and 16 channel CWDM mux/demuxes

7705DWDM Series

8 and 16 channel DWDM mux/demuxes

9000DWDM Series

32 and 40 channel DWDM mux/demuxes

9000EDFA Series

Pre, inline and boost fiber amplifiers

7705DS Series

2, 4 and 8 way optical splitters


2:1 optical path protection switch

7707ET Series

10/100 Ethernet transceivers


Gigabit Ethernet transceiver


Serial data transceiver for RS232, RS485, RS422 and GPIO

Note: *All 7707, 7708 and 7807 products offer comprehensive monitoring and control via local card edge controls and remotely with SNMP/VistaLINK. All 7706 products have local card-edge indicators and controls without SNMP.

For information on Simulsat Multibeam satellite antenna products, please refer to the Evertz Simulsat brochure.