The Customer

Cable 14 is a local specialty channel serving the Hamilton and Haldimand communities for over 45 years with more than 130,000 subscribers. Located in the downtown core of Hamilton Ontario Canada, Cable 14 has been a leading provider of local events and news throughout the community. The facility includes a Multi-purpose studio, Master Control and OB van that produces many live on site productions. Some of these events include The Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL Hockey), Ontario Jr. B Lacrosse and any other live community events.

The History

Cable 14 were an early adopter of the DreamCatcher platform, partnering with Evertz to provide essential feedback in the early stages of the DreamCatcher development. After several years of successful deployment, Cable 14 migrated to the second generation of the DreamCatcher platform by purchasing the DC-ONE. "Being with DreamCatcher since day one, I love where it's developed to the point where it's at right now... I love to see where it's going." Brendan Nickolau Technical Producer - Lead Hand, Hamilton Cable14

The Challenge

Cable 14 leverages a large number of volunteer staff and provides a first step into the broadcast industry for many students. An intuitive operator interface that also provide industry relevant experience is a major requirement for Cable 14. At the same time, Cable 14 must deliver a high level of production quality with streamlined production resources.

The Solution

After evaluating many replay servers the DC-ONE was chosen as the premiere solution that met all of the challenges faced by Cable 14. The DC-ONE provides a robust platform with a simple to configure interface. Cable 14 engineers can quickly reconfigure their platform for any of their required shows. The intuitive touch interface allows new operators to quickly master replay requirements while the familiar controller design provides relevant industry experience. At the same time, the DC-ONE's DreamCatcher core provides advanced storytelling tools that allow Cable 14 to produce an A level live broadcast.

"There's no turnaround time, there's no waiting. Sometimes my replay operator will have a replay ready before the play is done because of that constant record." Brendan Nickolau Technical Producer - Lead Hand, Hamilton Cable14

Cable 14 has chosen DC One to be the heart of their OB Van, ensuring all of their live productions are delivered with a level of quality only seen on A level mobile units. The DC-ONE allows Cable 14 to adapt to any live production need now with a simple upgrade path for supporting any future live production needs. No other system provides this level of functionality with an eye to future growth.